People Share Weird Trends of 2010's

People Share Weird Trends of 2010's

Jun 23, 2020James Montalvo

With 2020 already in full force, we've decided to reminisce and take a look back at the past decade. Needless to say, A LOT has gone down. Some memorable, and some we’d all like to forget. We’ve noticed some people taking a trip down memory lane, here’s what they’ve been reminiscing online on different trends and moments that were popular in the 2010s. 



One of the weirdest fads of the 2010s would have to be that weird mustache trend that was popular around 2013. You know, when teenagers would put mustaches on their phone cases as jewelry and whatnot. Good luck explaining that to future generations!

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I’m sure people will always be able to recognize the 2010s in photos by the distinct fashion styles. Men wore patterned, untucked button-down shirts with sleeves rolled up, short pants, beards, high and tight haircuts. Women wore yoga pants, athleisure, jumpsuits or rompers, “Coachella” attire (don’t know how else to describe this but it’s, um, distinct look).



"The most memorable trend of the 2010s for me was the internet’s whole 'color of the dress' debate that captivated everyone’s attention for a brief but awesome period of time. For the record, the dress was blue!" We remember that dress, it drove us mad too! and for the record, it was white/gold! 



The weirdest trend of the 2010s is whatever the heck people are doing to their eyebrows. Like, the 2000s were bad for eyebrows, but I’m not sure the appropriate corrective measure was to go from having the least brow possible to having the most brow possible and drawing them on so precisely that you look like an anime character.



"When looking back on the 2010s, don’t forget the dubstep hype of 2012! That might be one of the most unique music crazes the world has seen in a while." DJ’s like Skirllex are now household names thanks to songs like Bangerang. Let’s be honest, we all had a little bit of a dubstep phaze back in 2012. 



"For Europe, the most memorable and defining moment of the decade will almost certainly be the refugee crisis following the Syrian Civil War." 'Cities' made from tents and thousands of Syrians fleeing their country is one of the more sadder sights one might remember.



"Astronomer here! No one had ever once asked me about the “Flat Earth” theory until just a few years ago. Now I get questions about it all the time, thanks mainly to internet conspiracy sites. The fact that this belief has become popular again for the first time in centuries is just so astounding if you really think about it."



"I will always remember the 2010s as the time when our entire culture suddenly decided to just start rebooting everything for the sake of nostalgia rather than actually coming up with new ideas for shows and movies." We saw this all too often. Jumanji, Ghostbusters, 90210 and countless other forms of content were just given a little update.



Millennials. They were the name of the game this decade. Millennials were at the center of almost every major cultural conversation. From social media and technology, to jobs and the economy. Hipsters and smartphones and gaming systems and trends and Facebook and Instagram, etc, etc. Millennials had the biggest cultural impact of this decade.



"It’s hard to think of anything that has become as prevalent and ubiquitous over the past decade as 'clickbait' on the internet. That being said, it’s really just a new word for an old phenomenon. Today, it’s videos with misleading titles.



Back in the day, it was competing newspapers creating increasingly hyperbolic or controversial headlines with half-truths or flat out lies to sell more papers than the other guy. Same thing, it’s just become digital." What's your opinion on this matter? It's quite annoying ain't it? Although, sometimes you just can't help but click that headline.



"To the business world, the 2010s will probably always represent the death of the classic brick and mortar stores and the rise of Amazon Prime and other online shopping tools that now dominate the way commerce is done." Digital really is the way to got these days.



I’ll always remember the 2010s for how close we came to a massive Area 51 raid taking a horrific turn, resulting in hundreds dead and the unleashing of angry captive aliens upon the world to exact their revenge on humanity.



To me, the most memorable thing about the 2010s has been the transformation of the internet into a force way beyond what it ever was prior to 2010. The popularity of smartphones and other devices has revolutionized many industries, as well as the way that the average person uses the internet.



"One of the wildest moments of the 2010s was the hype over the claim that the world would end in 2012. It happened to be in an era where everybody was pretty much already used to the Internet, and so the hysteria and interest spread fast. 


Future world ending predictions will likely all be viewed as a joke just like the past ones have been, but 2012 was special. That was the one that spread like wildfire." Do you remember how much hype there was over this, now outlandish prediction? There was even a movie about it.



My favorite trend of the 2010s would have to be acting like a total jerk to people on camera, all for the sake of getting likes from strangers on the internet. That’s definitely a positive sign of where society and culture are at these days!



One thing from this decade that we will likely look back on as ridiculously weird is the rise of social media influencers. Teenage girls start posting their thoughts about useless information on YouTube or Instagram and the whole world suddenly cares what they think and takes their opinions seriously? How are we going to explain that to future generations?



"One of the most interesting and culturally significant developments of the 2010s has been the death of traditional media. Printed newspapers, periodicals, broadcast television, and radio are fading into extinction. While digital music way predates the 2010s, it took until this decade for pop stars to completely stop “selling” albums. They aren’t tallying CD sales anymore, they’re counting streams."



To me, one of the most fun and most underrated trends of the 2010s that a lot of people never even noticed is the new golden age of automotive design that we have recently entered. Almost every new car from the past decade is elaborately styled. 


There are now car interiors with angular, intricate dashboards (like the Ford Escape, Chevy Equinox, and Hyundai Santa Fe). This might end in the 2020s as crash safety technology requires more new cars to look the same, and car interiors will replace dashboards and gauges with touch screens (thanks, Tesla).



"One of the random trends of this decade that I noticed is superhero everything. There have been at least 20 Marvel Comics Universe movies released this decade. Then, there are the other Spider-Man movies, the DC universe movies, as well as countless other movies and shows that tie superheroes into their themes in one way or another."



"When it comes to the 2010s, there is a whole slew of memorable things that I think I’ll always look back upon fondly. I’ll remember the party music, from Gangnam Style and the really sad white boy with a guitar music right up to the dubstep and the mumbled rap. 


The MCU, Netflix, and all the streaming services that we never had before. But in my own personal life, I’ll remember growing up, the hormones, the changes. I’ll remember that, even now as an adult, no matter what I did this decade, I would always end up finding it stupid and embarrassing. 


I’ll remember a lot of firsts. I’ll also remember a lot of lasts. And finally, I’ll remember that emptiness can go away, that I’ll go on for another day. That tomorrow can wait, while I live here and now." We totally feel you on this man, the times are really changing, and life keeps moving forward.

Source: Reddit