Beloved Actors Who Look Nearly Identical

Beloved Actors Who Look Nearly Identical

Jul 15, 2020Shilo Maloney

A lot of celebrities from Tinsel Town look alike. And with Hollywood spoilt with so many famous faces, a few frolicking around out there tend to look that same, and we can sometimes get them confused because their features, hair, and eye color all work to create an uncanny resemblance. Keep reading to look at all the celebs that look the same, and see if you can spot the difference if that's even possible.

Matching Famous Faces

Hollywood is sprawling with a lot of famous features. With the world of cinema, television, print, and VOD streaming services, several talents are showing up on our screens with every passing second. Therefore, it's bound to happen that castings on-screen, on-page, and on runways will overlap and turn people who look the same into famous household names.

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Similar Looking Stars

This has a subliminal feeling of 'If it worked the first time, it'll work again.' Actresses such as Samara Weaving and Margot Robbie look like doppelgangers, and the same goes for Ed Sheeran and Rupert Grint. It's only a bonus that these similar-looking stars have matching talent that has made them huge successes in Hollywood and the global frame.

The Doppelganger Effect

So, we found those major celebs who look so much like each other that they could've played each other's roles in movies or appeared on the red carpet as each other and no one would've even batted an eyelash at it. 

Bryce Dallas Howard & Jessica Chastain

From the red hair to the piercing eyes and sharp jawlines, Bryce and Jessica look like the same striking and talented beauty from the same coin. With skills on the screen that just add to their brilliance, there's a lot of reasons why you might mistake one for the other. 

Jamie Pressly & Margot Robbie

The Emmy-winning beauty, Pressley, and marvelous Oscar-nominee, Robbie, could interchange lives and roles, and no one would notice. With some beautiful blond hair and flawless faces, they look like the same stunner that we all love on screen.

Millie Bobby Brown & Natalie Portman 

You can almost feel the 13 Going On 30 energy exuding from these two lovely actresses. The Stranger Things sensation and the spectacular Black Swan star both have the features that you could sell a movie or series on. The story has to feature a plot where either Millie plays a young Natalie, or Natalie plays the older Millie. We'll start the petition now!

Amy Adams & Isla Fischer

The impeccable Amy Adams and delightful Isla Fisher have some striking similarities that make them look so sisterly. With red hair and beautiful bright eyes, they both share a beauty and radiancy that makes them pop on the red carpet and on any screen where they've been seen.

Bella Hadid & Jennifer Lawrence

We doubt that Bella could've possibly matched the acting chops of Lawrence, but we're more than certain that Lawrence could've been a model if she weren't such a fantastic actress. Both beauties have an uncanny resemblance and could even twin it up in a movie if we lived in a perfect world.

Henry Cavill & Matt Bomer

Cavill and Bomer both have the impossibly perfect features that make them who they are. It's almost insane that they aren't related in any possible way. With brown thick hair and jawlines that could cut diamonds, they're shockingly similar in the most stunning ways.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Javier Bardem

Jeffery and Javier both have a silver fox essence about them that makes them so ageless and refreshing at all times. They're even gracefully greying at the same rate and style that it's impossible to tell who from who. It's their on-screen brilliance that makes it harder to pick them apart or pick the better actor too.

Julie Bowen & Elizabeth Banks

Bowen and Banks both have a lot more in common than they're wonderful gifts for comedy and television. While Bowen starred on the ABC hit, Modern Family, Banks made a couple of guest appearances on the show that hinted how things could've been if the show was cast differently. We couldn't possibly imagine anyone else as Claire, though, and we can't possibly imagine Banks not being free to appear in all the wonderful movies she starred in, produced and directed either.

Mila Kunis & Sarah Hyland

While we're on the topic of Modern Family, take a look at how one of its prominent stars, Sarah, looks like That 70's Show alumni, Mila Kunis. It's the light brown eyes that sell the similarity, as well as a twice-in-a-generation beauty that has us squinting to see what the differences are between the two. There truly aren't that many.

Katy Perry & Zooey Deschanel

Katy and Zooey could play twins in the most quirky and endearingly silly movie or television series that you could imagine. From the deep blue eyes to the luxurious dark hair, whenever the one or the other steps out, they define the term doppelgangers in every possible way.

Nina Dobrev & Victoria Justice

They're both teenage crazes in their own right. Dobrev starred in the sensational Vampire Diaries while Justice took to Nickelodeon with her aptly titled show, Victorious. Their wonderful talent and presence aren't all that they have in common. But it's their dark hair and disarming smiles that get everyone confused whenever we see either one of them.

Thandie Newton & Zoe Saldana

The Westworld outlaw and the Guardian of the Galaxy, Thandie and Zoe, respectively, have the kind of talent that always boosts any film or series that they grace their presence with. It's the glorious tone of their flawless skin and a dark-eyed gaze that makes them so similar in so many ways.

With Hollywood packed to the rafters with celebrities, there's an inevitability in some faces that look the same appearing on our screens. When you look as gorgeous as they do, it's a simple matter of the more, the merrier, and we don't mind them at all. Share this article with all your friends if you like it!