The Kids Who, One Day, Could be Kings and Queens

The Kids Who, One Day, Could be Kings and Queens

Aug 06, 2020Eric

Royal kids, unlike non-royal kids, have a lot of thrust onto them as soon as they're born. Cannons are fired, bells are tolled because the future heads of state of their respective nations have just be born. It is a lot of responsibility to inherit just from who you are born to. These kids are in just such a predicament. Not only do they have to grow up like the rest of us, but they will have the added pressures of being in the public eye, and one day having to lead a nation. Here are some royal kids that might one day lead their people. 

Princess Leonor  

Princess Leonor, Infanta of Spain is the next in line to assume the Spanish crown. She is the heir presumptive, meaning if her mother, Letizia, and father, King Felipe VI, do not produce a male heir, she will become the first Spanish Queen since Isabella II, who sat on the throne over 200 years ago. 

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Prince Christian

Prince Christian, pictured here with his grandmother Queen Margarethe of Denmark, is the one closest to the throne, behind his father, of course, Crown Prince Frederik, who is Margarethe's eldest child and son. But there are many other heirs, as there always is, among the Queen's children and grandchildren.  

Princess Isabella 

Princess Isabella, seen here trying to stand out from the crowd, is the eldest daughter of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary. She was born in 2007 and became the oldest granddaughter of Queen Margarethe II and the late Prince Henrik. She, along with her cousin Prince Henrik, is the Countess of Monpezat, but she is only two steps removed from the crown after her brother and her father.

Prince Hisahito of Japan

Prince Hisahito of Japan’s birth was met with controversy. He was the first male born to Prince Fumihito and Princess Kiko, who had two daughters previously. After his uncle Naruhito became Emperor in 2019, Hisahito became second-in-line to the chrysanthemum throne, after his father, Crown Prince Akishino, the Emperor's younger brother. There was talk of changing the laws of succession to allow the daughter of the Prince’s uncle, Princess Aiko, to become empress. Hisahito’s birth changed those plans and ensured that the throne would go to the male heir.

Prince Moulay El Hassan of Morocco

Seventeen-year-old Prince Moulay El Hassan is next-in-line to the Moroccan crown after his father King Mohammed VI. The Prince has a sister, Lalla Khadija, who is four years younger. Despite his young age, the young Prince has already raised his international profile by meeting other important dignitaries like French President Emmanuel Macron as well as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, something which he will probably be doing a lot of when he inherits the throne. 

Princess Estelle 

Crown Princess Victoria is the next-in-line to inherit the Swedish throne. It will be her daughter, not little Prince Oscar, who will take the throne after her mother. Sweden allowed for the eldest child of the heir apparent to inherit the crown, changing centuries of tradition. 

Prince Jacques 

Young Prince Jacques is not only the grandson of legendary actress Grace Kelly, but he is also first-in-line to succeed his father, Prince Albert II. Prince Albert ascended to the throne before his two sisters, Princess Caroline, who was the first-born, and Princess Stephanie. Prince Jacques will be the same, despite having a twin sister, Princess Gabriella, who is a few minutes older than him. Regardless, Monaco follows the male line of succession. 

Prince Dipangkorn Rasmijoti of Thailand

Although he has probably already now lost his baby teeth (the Prince is now a strapping 15-year-old), the presumptive heir to the Thai crown may or may not inherit the Thai crown. His father Rama X divorced his mother, which, under Thai law, means that it is possible the King's future children may be next-in-line. Princess Sirivannavari, the 33-year-old daughter of Rama X with another woman, is another possibility to become Queen Consort.

Prince Hasem 

When you’re second in line to the Jordanian throne, and a 42-second generation descendant of the Prophet Mohammed, you can pretty much choose to wear what you want, even to official ceremonies. The precocious eight-year-old Prince Hashem is the fourth child of King Abdullah II and Queen Raina, and their second boy. He is superseded by his older brother Crown Prince Hussein for next in line to succeed their father.

Prince Louis 

His Royal Cuteness is the third child of William and Catherine, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Little Louis is fifth-in-line to the British Crown behind his grandfather, father, and siblings George and Charlotte. 

Prince William 

All the Cambridge kids (George, Charlotte, and Louis) are potential inheritors to the British Crown, but it is their father William, seen here attending his first day of school with his mother, the late Princess Diana, who is second-in-line after his father, Prince Charles. Next in line, after the Cambridge children, is Prince Harry, who's son Archie Mountbatten is also in contention for the crown. 

Princess Catharina-Amalia  

Princess Catharina-Amalia, full name Catharina-Amalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria, is the eldest daughter and eldest child of Queen Maxima and King Willem of the Netherlands. The sixteen-year-old Catharina holds the title of Princess of Orange, a title only the heir apparent can hold. She is next-in-line to the seat of the House of Orange-Nassau, before her two younger sisters, Princess Ariane and Princess Alexia.  

Princess Elisabeth 

Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant, is the eldest child of the current monarch, King Phillipe. Along with many other European royal houses, Belgium changed the laws of succession to allow the eldest child to become regent, regardless of gender. Elisabeth is one of four children of the King and Queen Mathilde, including two boys, Gabriel and Emmanuel, who are next-in-line after Elisabeth. 

Prince Charles 

It seems that even his mother's coronation as Queen Elizabeth II was not enough to keep the young Prince Charles' attention. To be fair, any five-years-old would probably get restless from such a stuffy affair. It would also be beyond the grasp of any five-years-old that the events unfolding before him would mean that he would be next in line to rule the British Empire. 

Prince George 

No list of royal heirs would be complete without Prince George Alexander Louis. The young prince, now seven-years-old, is the spitting image of his father and grandmother with his wavy blond hair and toothful smile. The third-in-line to the British Crown.

Is there a royal heir that we missed? Which royal heir would you like to be most? Let us know in the comments section below. Royal kids are and are not like every other kid. They are born into unimaginable wealth and privilege, but they still throw temper tantrums and misbehave. They are all future leaders of their respective countries, but they still have awkward phases and need to learn important life lessons like the rest of us. But with the right guidance, they can perhaps, one day, be the leaders their subjects need them to be.