These Dogs Are Thinking They're Hiding

These Dogs Are Thinking They're Hiding

Aug 11, 2020Rita Kumar

Dogs can bounce back to you with unpredictable things, which might add to yet another tale to their mischief! If you believe that you're the best at playing hide-and-seek, then you're, well—absolutely WRONG! Those who have a dog at home might find it easier to put the finger on what we're saying. Speaking of the hide-and-seek game and that "gotcha" moment, these dogs who think they're hiding are some exclusive additions to the tale of hilariousness! Check them out...!

Who Doesn't Belong Here?!

It looks like this Maltese doggo has found a great hiding place in his owner's shoe rack! Forget the nasty smell from those shoes and the congested place, the pup has seemingly sandwiched his furry self to get rid of his bath and walk. Well, guess he has to find a better place next time!

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You're Being Watched

Can you imagine how spooky it can be when you realize that there are a pair of eyes watching you from a corner? Well, it turns out that the German Shepherd here is doing two things at the same time—hiding and spying on his owner! But with such an exposing hideout, he has to come up with a better place to cloak him completely, including his paws!

Half In Half Out

Sometimes, life can be just too bright, especially for a Dalmatian who tries to trick you with his funny hiding scene! Maybe the doggo here should have pushed his bottoms into the blanket along with his black nose! He just couldn't figure out a better way of deceiving his owner despite bagging the right opportunity and the prop!

Find Me If You Can

OMG, what do we have here?! A cute little pup who is pawing on us with that "Awwww" moment! But wait a minute, is he trying to hide over there, with half his bottoms exposed to the finder? Well, it looks like the little fella has a long way to go in tricking his person in the hide-and-seek game!

Mind If I Mess Up A Bit?!

Doesn't this little guy look as though he's just getting ready for the fireworks?! Maybe he has misguided himself into his daddy's wardrobe, assuming it for the perfect hideout. The poor champ has no idea that he's not that far from getting caught and shut out of the cupboard! 

Garden Camouflage Gone Wrong

Wait a minute, do you see what we're seeing?! That isn't any Christmas ball hanging out from the pine tree, or perhaps, this doggo thought so! Despite being perfectly camouflaged in the plants, the dog still thinks he has escaped from his afternoon bath. Well, now we all know where he'll hide the next time, don't we?!

The Not-So-Perfect Hiding Spot

When mom comes chasing to brush his fur, this Whippet mix heads out to just one location that he is confident will hide him to the tip of his tail! Maybe this guy should've thought twice before making himself seem like an Easter Bunny from behind that daffodil plant!

He Thinks No One Is Going To "Look Down" Upon Him!

This dog here is seemingly smart than the rest, yet, he couldn't save himself from getting clicked! If you think that he resembles an elf from the hobbit cave, you might be partly right on that one, except for the fact that the doggo isn't an elf in any way! We strictly advise him to think of a better hideout than his mom's kitchen, or else she's going to find him each time she reaches out for the trash can!

Any Guesses...?!

Now that's what we call as the perfect doll collection! But there's an odd addition here—one of them is a living stuffed toy, or shall we call him the "naughty ball of fur?" If you spot the Boston Terrier, that's going to be sad because the dog is going to lose out on his carefully mastered hiding place!

This Is What Happens When You Mistake A Tree For A Perfect Hideout

One naughty guy of the two seemingly overheard his folks discuss an appointment with the vet, and that's when they decided to calm the situation down by hiding somewhere. But neither of them knew that the pine tree isn't going to be of much help—thanks to the tree's dark green and the furry boys' black and white contrast!

Nice Try Boy

We bring to you the doggo who's seemingly chilling out. But wait for a second, that's not what he's doing. He is actually hiding from his mom, who has prepared the tub for his bath. This Rottweiler guy is a befitting example of how an unlikely bath routine can transform the paw fella from aggressive to going undercover!

Size Matters!

When this Bull Lurcher took to hiding under a plastic chair, little did he know about the negative consequences! Either the chair was too small for him, or he opted for the wrong hideout. Either way, this big guy couldn't stop his folks from spotting him despite trying his best to push himself under the chair! Better luck next time, dude! 

When Mom Fixes An Appointment With The Vet

Do you know what it takes to visit the vet? Well, nothing more than scout for your pooch and pick him out of his hideout! Guess the Zuchon here overheard his mom fixing an appointment with the vet to get his tooth job done. He thinks he's got the perfect hideout to escape mom's plan, but he missed that she watched his naughty peep from above!

Your Bed—My Hiding Spot!

These dogs are just fostering some family goals! It looks like they've decided not to move out of sight yet maintain their hideout just in case mom prepares their hot bath anytime soon! Only if they had known that their folks are aware of their secret under-the-bed refuge!

Behind An Elephant

"What, are you kidding me?" might be the kind of questions running through this little German Shepherd, especially after his folks found out where he is! Now, this guy has seemingly taken the wrong decision of hiding behind that elephant. He thought that elephants could hide anything behind them, but maybe not this one! Sad, the boy got it all wrong!

Just The Face

The world doesn't close in on itself when you close your eyes—and this furry guy just forgot about this little lesson in life! He thought that the curtain on his face would keep him masked from his person's gaze, but he should've been extra careful in picking a bigger blind!

It looks like dogs are always on their paws to give us those unforgettable moments brushed with mischief and laughter! Do you own a pet dog at home? Then you would've probably caught him red-handed from his hilarious hideout! Don't forget to share your experience with us! But before that, please take a second to share this article by pressing the click button!