Waitress Who Never Received The Tip That Was Given to Her

Waitress Who Never Received The Tip That Was Given to Her

Aug 17, 2020Peter File

If you have ever worked as a waiter or waitress, you know how tough the job can be at times. Especially in the states, where every waiter survive on tips, a good, handsome tip is like a miracle from above. However, for one waitress working in Denny's, it seems like a tip that she received was about to change her life. 

A Common Tale

Look around you - the people around you every day, the policeman, the mailman, the waiter, and waitresses... each one have them has their own story to tell, their struggle to go through. For people waiting tables in restaurants, many of them are just struggling to get by, and waiting for that one moment when they can finally turn their life around... one of them is Shikira Edwards.

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Getting By

Like many other people waiting tables, Shikira Edwards had been working in Denny's for a few years, waiting tables in order to get by - and, more importantly, to save enough money so that she can pay off her student debt at the dental school. Life is tough, but one day it will all come to pass... or so it seems. 

A Regular Day

It's just another working day, another day to go through - as usual; there are all sorts of customers coming in, the good, the bad, and the ugly. But Edwards knows the secret to it - there's nothing a smile cannot change. Just by putting on that smile, things would normally be okay. But then, today seemed a little different for some reason...

A Woman

One of the tables she served belonged to an older woman - nothing out of the ordinary. Banal talks here and there, but the conversation was pleasant, and Edwards knew that it was only part of her job, so she's just doing what she had to do. However, as she was cleaning up the table, she discovered something extraordinary... 

The Surprise 

As she was cleaning up the table, removing the dirty dishes and empty bottles, she found the bill that the customers left behind, and her eyes lit up as she went through the bill... she looked at the numbers over and over again... it was a tip of $4,476.8! Yes, four thousand dollars tips! She couldn't withhold her excitement, but she had to decide what to do with it...

What to Do?

She began thinking about what she could do with that money - of course; there are a lot of things she can buy with that money - however, the money is also a ticket to a new beginning, a new beginning after she pays off her debt and starts a new life. So she put up her happy face, and went to her manager, to inform him of the good news... 

The Manager Thinks Otherwise 

So Edwards went to the manager and informed him of the good news. Her manager also couldn't believe what he was seeing and went over the bill over and over again - more than $4,000, that's unbelievable! However, out of everyone's expectations, the manager withheld the bill and told Edwards, "I'm sorry," and informed her that if she wants the money, she will have to do something first... 

A Mission Impossible

Million of thoughts rushed through Edwards' head as her manager said it - what does she have to do? It was her tips after all! However, the manager demand is a seemingly easy one that's rather difficult on second though - the manager told her that in order to get her tips, she'll first have to track down the very customer who left the tips... 

Who's the Secret Customer?

Though she can faintly recognize the face of that customer, Edwards is sure that it wasn't a regular, or else she would've known who she is. However, with that many customers coming in and out every day, how can she be so sure? But then, she had an idea...

Social Media

It's the 21st century, and you know what we do best - social media. Edwards decided to turn towards social media for help, hoping that the internet can help her locate the generous customer so that she can get the tips she deserved. However, the internet is a big place as well, and things didn't work out so well the way she had planned. 

The Silverlining 

There's light at the end of the tunnel - or so it seemed. While people were not able to help her locate the customer, they expressed sympathy toward her experience - a lot of people commented that Denny's had no right to withhold her tips. And because of that, it caught others' attention... 

The News Coverage

The story somehow made it to the local news, and more people now heard about her experience. Just like with social media, people expressed their sympathy over her experience and pushed Denny's for an appropriate response. When they asked Edwards about the incident, she said, “It’s just such a blessing to have good people like that that are still here and that God did answer my prayers, 'cause he knows what I go through.” What happened then?

Edwards' Response 

Upon commenting on the incident, Edwards also told Fox13 of her suspicion over her employer; she said she wouldn’t be surprised if someone at the restaurant tried to keep it for themselves. “I wouldn’t be surprised if because of what they’re going through already that they need it more than I do,” she said. But then, Denny's also made a response... 

Denny's Decision 

Despite Edwards' insistence that it's her rightful earning, Denny's gave out their decision after an investigation - they decided that the tip was a mistake, and the customer didn't mean to give out that much for tips. Yes, it was a defeat for Edwards - however, not all hope was lost as University of Memphis Law Professor, Steve Mulroy, pointed out that she can sue the company if she doesn't get the tips that she earned. 

It surely is a sad tale on different levels - while we are not sure if the customer really intended to leave that much tips, we all know the feeling and struggle Edwards had to go through, living through hopes but only have it plummet and shattered on the ground. What do you think of this story? Do you think Edwards deserves her tips?