Mother With Newborn Cries When She Sees Under The Blanket

Mother With Newborn Cries When She Sees Under The Blanket

Sep 11, 2020Rita Kumar

This story is more on the emotional side and it's not what you hear often. When Chad McDevitt's girlfriend, Lauren, just welcomed her baby girl, she went through a difficult pregnancy. Furthermore, the delivery was harder than they imagined. Post-delivery, the new parents were in the hospital, trying to rejuvenate their body and mind. Exhausted and almost ripped off her energy post-birth, Lauren wasn't prepared for the strange thing she saw under the blanket.

Welcoming Their Child

After welcoming their little miracle into the world, Chad and Lauren were overwhelmed with joy. They loved each bit of how their baby girl named Everly looked from top to toe. But when Lauren unbundled her baby to get a closer glimpse of her tender looks, she was blown away by what she encountered under the blanket. The situation swelled into something that made her freeze amidst all that postpartum shock.

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She Missed Sensing Some Uninvited Trouble

Lauren's and Chad's friends and family were just as happy as the parents themselves. They loved Everly and Lauren's aunt was more than happy to cuddle the little one in her arms. Meanwhile, the young mother rested peacefully, without a hint of what was happening around her. Though her sub-conscious mind helped her to stay aware of the joy around the baby, she didn't expect to see such a thing beneath the blanket.

The Baby Has A Minor Accident

Having a little one arrive in the house packs some unexplainable reasons for joy and laughter. Perhaps, that day, the Kentucky hospital room sounded of the same thing. Chad's and Lauren's friends and family couldn't get enough of little Everly. The four corners of the room were filled with giggles and excitement. Soon, Lauren's aunt realized that the baby has had a little accident. The nurse was called in to cater to the needed assistance.

Needing A Little Parental Attention

When Lauren's aunt grabbed her turn to snuggle the baby in her arms, she enjoyed every bit of it. In a few minutes, she sensed that the little one needed a little attention from her parents. Everly had a dirty diaper that needed a new dressing. Soon, the aunt handed over the baby to Chad, who planted a kiss before passing her on to the mother. What appeared normal at first seemed to take a toll on poor Lauren.

The Clueless Situation

The nurse might have done a good job of swaddling the baby with utter perfection. Perhaps, she even got a compliment from the mother. Moreover, the nurse knew her profession for years, and this somehow urged her to get the best handiwork done in swaddling Everly. However, it's noteworthy to say that Lauren had no clue about what was coming next. Perhaps, she expected the least of this kind to happen to her.

The Nurse Has A Hidden Intention

The mother enjoyed the precious moment with her baby while surrounded by her close friends and family members. Though she could've changed her baby's diaper all by herself, Lauren was too beaten to lend a hand on this. So, she needed some help from the maternity ward staff. Moreover, the nurse didn't mind doing it a bit as she considered the act a part of her foul plan. What was going on in the Kentucky hospital room anyway?

Problem With The Baby's Swaddle

The mom was tired and she was putting up with unbearable pain already. But the only reason she wore that unconditional smile on her face credited to her daughter. Soon, Lauren realized something fishy about Everly's swaddle. The baby was wrapped so perfectly tight that Lauren found it hard to unwrap her in a shot. The nurse who swaddled the little one purposely tightened the wrap. The situation brewed into something unexplainable.

Sensing Uninvited Trouble 

Thankfully, Lauren was able to untuck her baby from the tight wrap. Though the blanket that swaddled the little one seemed cozy, it was too tight for her delicate structure. Before too long, Everly was free from the wrap and almost ready to make her proper entrance into the world. However, as she unwrapped the baby, Lauren realized that there was something mysterious beneath the blanket. It was something that wasn't there before. 

Happiness Is Paused

At first, Lauren couldn't understand what she was seeing. It was something she hadn't expected all her life. Furthermore, she was just slowly recovering from her post-partum issues. She was the only one in the room who could see it. Eventually, her friends and family were taken aback by a sudden shriek she let out in a fraction of a few seconds. The laughter and giggles in that room paused for a moment, and no one understood what was going on.

Lauren Is Cloaked With Disbelief

A look of disbelief crept on Lauren's face. She had no idea what to do next. It was a question of belief and what mattered most at that time is the shocking thing she found beneath the blanket. Lauren looked at her boyfriend for help. Her frozen self didn't guide her to crack the reality behind what she saw. She needed help and the only one who could guide her to understand the mystery was none but Chad. But he didn't help her...

The Cloudy Situation Brews More Confusion

However, Chad didn't answer any of her questions. The people around didn't understand anything at first, but they were clear about one thing—there had to be some reason that pillared Lauren's weird behavior. The mom who seemed quite normal moments earlier had a drastic change in her attitude. Perhaps, she forgot all that post-partum trouble and everything laden with it. If there was anything that bothered her, it was what she saw underneath the blanket.

Happiness Is Fogged By Something Strange

The moment traversed into a more puzzling ordeal for everyone around. While both Chad's and Lauren's folks expected nothing but happiness, the look on the latter's face depicted something else. Though she screamed only once, it made a shocking impact on the visitors. Perhaps, they dreamed of a happy family get-together. But the situation in the hospital room was quite different and far from their expectations.

Chad's Take On The Situation Adds To the Mystery 

If it's someone specific who was taken aback by the shocking revelation under the blanket, it was Lauren. Contrary to her reaction, Chad remained calm and silent. Nothing seemed to impact him, even her air-piercing shrieks. Their friends and family circled, only to get a glimpse of what happened further. For a second, Lauren was unaware that the nurse who helped swaddle Everly also contributed to the mystery. 

The Family Notices Something Shocking About The Baby 

That's when the family got a glimpse of Everly's onesie. It wasn't the same—perhaps, not the one she was wearing before getting diapered by the nurse. The scene grew into something seriously suspicious. Not everyone found out the eerie truth about the baby's onesie. However, Lauren managed to dig the truth, and when she discovered the mystery, she ran out of words. If it hadn't been for the visitors, the mother wouldn't have felt the suspense that lurked beneath the blanket.

Lauren Shouts Like Never Before

A few seconds later, they heard Lauren shout "Yes." None of them understood what all this was about. But if there was anyone else who knew about whatever was going on in there, it was the nurse. Shockingly, she joined forces with someone close to Lauren to plot a plan that would cloak the mom with an unforgettable shock of a lifetime. But when Lauren unearthed the truth beneath the blanket, she never dreamed that things would turn out this way.

The Villain Behind The Mom's Heartbreaking Scene

Shockingly, it was Chad, who took some help from the nurse to work his mysterious plan. For a brief moment, the shocking truth started to unfold in front of the rest gathered at the spot. When Lauren lifted Everly, some eagle-eyed guests there were surprised at what they saw. It was Everly's onesie and it had something shocking. Soon, there was unconditional laughter and joy across the place. What did Chad and the nurse do anyway?

Unfolding The Mystery Lurking Beneath The Blanket

Before it was too long, Chad prepared himself to clear the air with something. It was a special kind of a message and Lauren had waited for this ever since Chad came into her life! This was the ultimate reason that made the mom shriek on the top of her voice. The mysteriously thick thing on the baby's onesie urged the mom to lift the blanket to check whatever was lurking beneath. And when she discovered the shocking truth, she ran out of words and broke into tears. However, Chad had another shock waiting for his partner.

The Act That Had Everyone Fixed With An Unblinking Stare

Without sparing a second to the clock, Chad took something out of his daughter's hands. While everyone gazed at the unforgettable moment, the father plucked out a ring from Everly's hands and asked the question he was waiting for years. He looked at Lauren and threw the question: "Will you marry me?" The mom who had their little miracle in her arms didn't think further and reciprocated with an answer she had already given. But what was written on the onesie?

The Real Mystery Beneath The Blanket

The room instantly erupted with cheers. Meanwhile, everyone couldn't get enough of whatever was going on in there. The ambiance sounded of laughter and giggles and it was soon time for some celebration in the house. The folks who couldn't get a clear view of the onesie in question asked Lauren to read out loud for them. The mom cleared the throat, and read with a smile on her face: "Mommy, will you marry Daddy?" The proposal had been there all the while, wrapped beneath the blanket! 

Just 24 hours post her baby's arrival, Lauren unfolded a shocking surprise plotted by her long-time love, Chad! But the feeling of something lurking beneath the baby's blanket could've spooked the confused mom, right?! However, we're happy that Chad's strange plan paved the way for eternal happiness in the family. Have you run your hands on something spooky like this only to crack a shocking surprise plotted by someone you know? If you're to surprise someone you love, what other ways do you think will make it more memorable? Share your thoughts with us! Also, please don't forget to share this article with your friends!