Hair Transformations To Inspire Your Next Look!

Hair Transformations To Inspire Your Next Look!

Sep 21, 2020Chelsea

Short to long, brown to blonde, or any other color in your imagination, a lot can happen at the hair salon! Ladies walk in with slouched shoulders but leave with a massive smile and a bounce in their step with sheer confidence! Before you get in the chair take a look at these before and after hair transformations! Which one will you do?

Keep It Trim

You don’t have to be dramatic every time but this is a healthy cut getting rid of dead ends and adding some shape and bounce! Did you know, you should be going for a trim to every 3-4 months! Why wait? We know how well you’ll clean up!

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Silver Embrace

This silver fox embraced her roots and went full silver and we are obsessed! We say aging is a privilege and you don’t look truly beautiful until your comfortable in your own skin! The grey hair trend is still going strong in 2020 and we think you’ll smash it now or later! 

The Old Debate

We want to know, do blondes have more fun? Why not check out for yourself and leap a new blonde bombshell style. Keep in mind baby steps are great too, we love a low or high light just keep smiling and don’t damage the roots!

Pretty In Pink

Be prepared for a long day in the chair for this transformation but the results are worth it! Such a bright and vibrant color, any shade of pink will completely change your demure appearance to a radical confident woman! Inspire others with this transformation and feel this pink flow root to tip.

Balayage Style

Who knew our hair could radiate so much sunshine! A natural way to change your hairstyle might be the balayage technique. It can make a big impact and highlight your face for a natural-looking glow! Consider this a baby step to glamour that's easy to maintain for any schedule. 

Ombre Style

The Ombre style gets mistaken for balayage constantly. The two may look the same but they have a distinct difference. Ombre comes from the french word ‘ombre’ or shadow and is a technique. It will give a subtle difference that should be left to the professionals and not recommended to do at home. 

Can We Talk About The Mullet

This hairstyle was predominantly a male hairstyle until recently and we love the women who are taking it back! It’s fashion, it’s low maintenance and it’s everything we love about an edgy hairstyle! With business in the front and a party happening in the back, embrace this trend with color or without. 

A Prism Of Color

We don’t even know where to look with this stunning bright hair creation. From the ripple rainbow on one side to the spunky bangs, we can’t stop wanting to run our fingers through this hair! Imagining what it would look like in cute brains or an updo has us dreaming of our own transformations!

Bouncy Natural Joy

Let your curls be the star of the show by highlighting their volume and coil. Cut short curls will embrace their true form and texture and you will be a sassy star as you walk down the street. The envy of all the plain straight hairstyles, natural curls have a texture so many have to pay big bucks to harness. 

Fringe Fantastic

Do you call it a fringe or a bang? Either way, what a difference adding more hair can change your entire look! Have you ever had bangs? They always remind us of a haircut to go back to school and hit the books in! We think this librarian will also be at the party later giving out style tips to everyone!

Fresh Every Day

Wipe the slate completely clean and erase all your previous color and decisions with such a big transformation! Going from dark roots and orange tips to this almost white blonde ice princess is something that would heat our winter vacation in a flash! With the change of season, what are you waiting for to embrace a cozy new perspective?

Never To Old

Age is just a number and hair dye is just a brilliant chemical reaction. Don’t let anyone stop you from embracing your true colors any day at any age. We think we’re constantly learning from our elders and in awe of what they have already lived through! Would you match your grandmother's bold decision if she decided to do a massive dye change?

Blue Bob

The color is fierce and we are in love with this blue bob transformation. A bob hairstyle can be shaggy or sleek and even asymmetrical. You will feel the control and the big boss's energy when you choose to do this slice of style at the office!

Let Your Hair Be As Radical As You

It really is as easy as snip and dye! Changing your hair can be the massive confidence booster you need. It automatically shows the world that confident being is underneath the snazzy strands! We know you can embrace your true self, what are you waiting for? If you want to seize the day and show off your sparkly style start from the head down!

From colors to fringe to mullets and everything in between, we love a good hair transformation! It’s so easy to build your confidence back up or bounce back from a breakup with a new hairstyle. Looking in the mirror you might not even recognize yourself after you choose one of our gorgeous inspirations. Are you due for a hair makeover? Share with your friends and head to the salon together for a day of love to your locks. Let us know in the comments what you decide to do!