Passengers Who Turned Flight Journey Into A Jaw-Dropping Nightmare

Passengers Who Turned Flight Journey Into A Jaw-Dropping Nightmare

Sep 23, 2020Rita Kumar

The excitement you carry along with your boarding pass might not exist any longer, at least, not until you realize who's sharing the flight with you! On a plane, you're bound to travel with strangers you wouldn't always associate with. But these encounters can sometimes be a bit too "wonky" in terms of comfort. These outrageous photos prove how nasty people can get on a plane!


She's definitely not Rapunzel! And whoever is seated behind her is definitely not Flynn Rider! But somewhere over 38,000 feet, this guy was kind of spooked out after he saw dark, long locks in front of him. Guess he had to wait until the lady woke up from her nap and drew her locks to her herself!

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Getting The Real Kick!

What would you do if you felt a little something heavy over your headrest? Well, for this woman, things went pretty fine on the flight until this happened. From the look on her face, we don't think she dared to turn and ask the person to lower his feet to his territory. Do flights have an emergency alarm for all this, by the way?!

Flying Feet 

Things might seem like it when you see other passengers wave their boarding pass and take their respective seats on board. But once the journey begins, you might notice certain off-putting things that tend to fade your excitement with that "Oh God, when is this flight going to land?" thought! But this person enjoyed his feet-flight at the cost of someone else's headrest. 


No matter how hard you try to stay calm and disciplined, the circumstances around might demand your patience! Perhaps, this man tried his best to make the best of his flight journey. Alas, his dreams vanished into thin air after a foot from nowhere landed on his lap! But we're not sure whether this man asked the woman to mind her distance after the incident!

I Fly, You Fly, And "V" All Fly!

This passenger seems to have taken the biggest toll on napping on board a plane. We wonder what sort of a posture this is to sleep mid-air on a long flight like this! But for the other passengers around, it wasn't just annoying, but quite off-putting too. However, at this stage who cares? For the next four hours or so, the other passengers had to put up with his loud snores and bizarre sleeping posture! 

Relaxing—On The Way!  

Hopefully, this man was up before the flight landed! He has seemingly thrown himself to a heavenly nap in front of the exit and his posture isn't that appealing to the eye either! While other passengers didn't seem to mind the unconventional behavior, some were utterly bewildered by what was going on. When such carefree passengers are around sleeping on the way, all you can do is wait until they wake up on their own! 

That Stinks!

The look on this kid's face says it all! However, some passengers like the one in this picture aren't aware of the unruly practices they're fostering the younger generation with. Guess the passenger in question never changed his socks and that has typically added to the overall trauma this poor boy faced during that unforgettable nightmare of a flight! 

Everyone Saw What She Did Except Her! 

The air vent in flights is strictly packed for ventilation. But after seeing this, you might wonder whether all this is possible aboard a plane! This woman was caught on tape drying her undies under the vent. But to her surprise, she missed noticing that her bizarre act was the topic of discussion among the other passengers who were shocked with disbelief. Do you think drying undergarments is a thing to do in public transport?! 

Obey The Placard 

Traveling by flight packs some responsibilities too. By this, we strictly mean the rules and notice placards glued for passengers to follow. However, this passenger has somehow broken the deal by doing what he's not supposed to do. Though the instruction is in blocks, visible enough for every eye abreast of the placard, this careless passenger did just the opposite. 

Dressing Up Mid-Air 

Getting a glimpse of someone changing their dress in the plane isn't anything new! Shockingly, there are many instances and this is one among them. It's quite evident that passengers aboard a plane always desire to look their best when the plane lands. But this passenger didn't mind a bit about the others who were eyeing his unruly dress-change routine mid-air.

Stay In Your Own Lane ​​​​​​

Now the two legs in jeans are of woman. We wonder what or perhaps whose the third odd one belongs to. Contrary to the other unruly in-flight disasters, this one is something that's happening behind the seat. A journey by flight packs some challenges like the one you have to put up with the strangers near you. Guess this guy is only trying to cross the territory and strictly nothing else! 

Why God...Why...?!

No matter how hard you try to keep yourself occupied with something interesting on a plane, there's always a reason to mask your face with an unexplainable grin. For this poor old passenger, reading that magazine turned out to be an unforgettable nightmare! Maybe he wasn't prepared for an ultimate face-to-foot session aboard the long flight.


Seated on a plane and plugging the headsets for some booming music might sound like fun. But what if you're knocked by someone from behind all of a sudden? Perhaps, this woman was indulging in her journey when she was knocked by someone from behind. However, she was spooked after spotting a pair of feet sprout from the backseat! 

Feeling It Like Home 

Unruly behaviors aboard a plane don't sprout from a specific generation alone! Shockingly, even the older, mature folks contribute their share to what we call the nightmare of a flight journey! Take this man for instance—he is sandwiched by other passengers but that hasn't stopped him from taking the empty seat for granted by all means. Sleeping in flights has no constraints but we wonder how liberty has taken the legs-over-head effect like this! 

Headrest Or Clothes Dryer?

Newbie flight travelers might affix a shocked exclamation on their faces, especially after personally seeing this! The passenger in question has used the headrest as a makeshift clothes dryer during the hour-long flight. Though domestic flights are a common mode of public transport in certain places, it packs some nightmarish journeys too. Before it gets too late, some passengers need to understand the importance of public transport than taking it for granted like this.

Why The Floor For These Nasty Slippers?! 

The net rack behind a plane's seats is meant to house magazines, flight menu, and safety cards. Like the other aspects of a flight, the rack is equally important. But the owner of these nasty sandals happens to be a passenger who has a carefree attitude towards the plane's assets. It was too late he understood that his footwear was stacked in the wrong place. With such odd-minded people on board, you can do nothing but just wait until you board off!

It's quite shocking to know that passengers aboard a plane end up doing all nasty stuff on board. Perhaps, these strange acts committed by such passengers pave the way for a flight that's unforgettable and jaw-dropping altogether. Have you crossed paths with a passenger who did something odd on a flight? What was the most bizarre incident you've experienced while on a flight journey? Share your thoughts with us! Also, please don't forget to share this article!