What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

Oct 12, 2020Leo Chiu

A wise man once said: what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But well, some of them made it to the internet, because of the 21st century. If there's a wild, wild west in modern America, it'd be Las Vegas. Here are some of the best moments from Vegas that didn't really stay there. 

Image Credits: Imgur/mustsaynicethings

Isa Me. Mario 

This is the caption according to Imgur user adamallday who uploaded the photo: "Was in Vegas last weekend, ran into a guy wearing the Super Mario costume. Stopped to take a picture and talk with him for a minute. Lifted up his mask to respond to us. Immediately asked for pictures of him without the mask on." Gotta say, that guy's look is spot on - we wonder if he was an actual plumber as well. 

Image Credits: Imgur/adamallday

Don't Go Breakin' My Cart

It should not be that surprising to bump into a celebrity in Vegas - hey, it's Vegas after all. But little did we expect that someone would bump into Sir Elton John... in a full tracksuit driving bumper cars. Just when we thought we have seen everything, this showed up. 

Image Credits: Reddit/bobbito916

Lightsaber Tournament

Las Vegas is not just a sin city with all sorts of vices, there are also interesting things you might not have expected seeing in your life. This for example. Full-contact Lightsaber Tournament. This should definitely be a thing around the world, especially in the Olympics. 

Image Credits: Imgur/SlamSlayer1

Don't Tap The Cage 

Imagine walking into a pet store in Las Vegas, looking for supplies for your dear pet. A man walked by... at first you didn't pay attention, but then he started talking - it's Nicolas Cage! But the best comment for this photo has to go to Imgur user CarlosBandana, who said "I hope you bought him and gave him a good home."

Image Credits: Reddit/Greed702

Englishmen in Vegas 

While we cannot say for sure what's the occasion for them to visit Vegas, our solid guess would be a stag party, especially with the way they're dressed, so that everyone knows they are English. Props up to the man on the far right though - he even got a matching turban. That's dedication. 

Image Credits: Imgur/israa4

A Portrait of Vegas 

Well, while we have not been to Vegas ourselves, we would say that's how Vegas looks in our mind. You know, a little bit like that movie Hangover, but maybe crazier? And according to the Imgur user who uploaded the picture, this is just a normal scene in Vegas. "I love living on the in Las Vegas because I can take pictures like this half an hour from my house." Well said, bud. 

Image Credits: Imgur/Jamiebeag

Lady in a Robe? Nah. 

Anything goes in Vegas - sort of saying they have there, at least that's what we heard. You are bound to encounter all sorts of people, sometimes in all sorts of costumes. This gentleman here for example, and according to him, his mother actually made this for him. If you are wondering if that's really it - yes, his mom made him a blazer out of Crown Royal tags... fabrics. Whatever. 

Image Credits: Reddit/skeeteronmypeeter

The Old Man and the Slots 

This might be a bit sad if you think about it, but life's about not thinking too much about things sometimes. Another typical Vegas scene, people passing out/taking naps inside the casino... and missed out on the fun. We do feel sorry for this chap, by all means. 

Image Credits: Imgur/mustsaynicethings

Rat Tails Revival 

Over the last few decades, there were a lot of fun trends, but rat tails are probably one of those things that should remain forgotten. But who knows, things like that might finally find their place in a place like Vegas, the wild, wild West of modern America. Here you have not one, not two, but three rat tails in the picture! Rarer than catching a rare pokemon if you ask us. 

Image Credits: Reddit/deano2003

Better Luck Next Time 

Everyone wants to strike it rich in Vegas, but fortune smiles on some and lets the rest go free. Some people are well aware of that and decided to pull a small prank with the tourists there by leaving fake dollar bills on the floor, or as some might say, a 100 stroller bill. (We are still working on our puns.)

Image Credits: Imgur/chaoticait

Just Another Night in Vegas 

Another picture that perfectly captures the shenanigans of Vegas, and probably a fine example of why people say "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." You see, everyone only has two hands, and you will probably need two to carry someone like that. What if they pass out? This is the solution. 

Image Credits: Imgur/LasVegasLocally

Rolling Down the Hallway in a Crib 

This is what happened when you are so intoxicated even a wheelchair couldn't hold you properly, and the staff had to bring out the final resort - a baby crib. Yes, being so out of you that even a wheelchair doesn't do the job, and they had to bring out the crib. You probably know this already but still - Be responsible. 

Image Credits: Imgur/LasVegasLocally

Tiger King 

Well, it's Vegas, so you've been warned - including the fact that you might actually see a tiger in the city itself. However, we can understand the excitement/ frustration (depends on how much you love big cats) when someone spotted an actual tiger in Vegas.

Image Credits: Imgur/metaknight

Free Parking

This fits the very stereotype of how people see Vegas - rich people driving their fancy car around town, speeding all the way through, yet have no idea how to drive properly. Then bam! This is the result. The driver then walks out, buy himself/herself a new car... and the whole cycle repeats again. Guess this car is really staying in Vegas then. 

Image Credits: Imgur/LasVegasLocally

Be Careful of What You Wish For, Bud

This photo needs some context: "Last time I was in Las Vegas I ran out of towels. I told housekeeping that I would tip one dollar for every extra towel put in my room." According to Redditor FrugalBartender, this was the result. Well, gotta be careful of what you wished for, bud. 

Image Credits: Reddit/FrugalBartender

Here are some of the best (or worst) moments from Vegas. Which one is your favorite? Do you have a story of your own perhaps? It's okay, we won't snitch. If you found this interesting, why not share it with some friends and family and brighten up their day?

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