The Life Of The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

Oct 16, 2020Shilo Maloney

Every parent believes that their child is the most beautiful little gem to ever walk the Earth, and they have every right to believe that. But, when it comes to fact-checking those admirable claims, all parents, except for little Jare, might have to retract their statements. Why? Because overnight, a 5-year-old Nigerian girl's life changed thanks to the good side of social media, when Jare Ijalana was deemed the most beautiful girl in the world.

Image Credits: Instagram/jare.ijalana

Little Jare

Coming from a modest family home in Nigeria, little Jare Ijalana was captured by Nigerian wedding photographer, Mofe Bamuyiwa who was unknowingly playing a massive role in changing Jare's entire life from a very young age. What was a simple yet incredibly captivating photo shoot, turned into an overnight social media spectrum that was about to erupt within a few hours.

Image Credits: Instagram/jare.ijalana

Made By Mofe

Mofe had captured the beautiful pictures that would essentially capture the eyes and the hearts of people all over the globe. In posting the images, he was showing the world both his work and the sheer beauty that the young gem was born with. It didn't take long at all before those images didn't just hit the Instagram streets, they absolutely took them over. The world awed at the sight of Jare who was the prettiest thing that had ever seemed to grace the planet.

Image Credits: Instagram/jare.ijalana

Jare's Jaw-dropping Features

From the skin tone to the eye color and of course the rich and natural hair, she may as well be defined as flawless. Anyone willing to deny that this may just be the most beautiful girl in the world may need to have a Ph.D. in defining beauty. Not only that but said person should be willing to present their counter-argument to a grand jury and Black Twitter too (not to be dramatic of course). But, it was these features that took the world by storm.

Image Credits: Instagram/jare.ijalana

"The Most Beautiful Girl On The Globe"

When her images surfaced, the world was taken aback that a 5-year-old could look like this. Many people dismissed the reality that she was real and immediately, people thought she was designed and morphed by a computer. This was nowhere near true as Mofe was more than willing to let everyone that Jare, though delightful, was a no doll. This little beauty existed and the world couldn't get enough of her.

Image Credits: Instagram/jare.ijalana

All In The Family

Though it's hard to believe that anyone, let alone a girl so young, could be so pretty, Jare wasn't a one in a million kind of beauty. Mofe had let the gawking public know that she was indeed real and that Jare was part of a family that was made up of two other equally beautiful sisters (Jomi and Joba) that Jare loved and admired for this distinct and distinguished natural beauty. But it was their youngest sibling they were more than happy to let grab the limelight. And Jare did exactly that.

Image Credits: Instagram/the_j3_sisters

Keeping Up With The Ijalana's

Their mother obviously thought all of her daughters were every bit as beautiful as the next and there was no sense of competition. What she didn't realize, however, was that her daughter's carried with them a universal beauty that she could let the world fall in love with. She soon started an Instagram page populated with Jare, Jomi, and Joba's images that now has nearly 170k followers. But, this wasn't the biggest achievement for the sisters or just Jare alone.

Image Credits: Instagram/the_j3_sisters

The Golden Girl Of Instagram

Once Mofe had dropped the series of astounding images, and after thousands had simply lost their minds at the sight of Jare, it took little to no time for the whole world to unequivocally deem her the most beautiful girl. There were absolutely no exceptions or objections to the social media ruling, and that's for clear and very obvious reasons. The shock and awe weren't reserved for just common Insta users, major names and brands sounded off and added to the craze too.

Image Credits: Instagram/jare.ijalana

A New Face to Follow

In a world where the idea of beauty didn't naturally look to black faces, it's truly refreshing to see this kind of face be recognized as the most beautiful. It shouldn't be regarded as unconventional, but this is just a different and warmly welcomed standard that several other black and brown girls around the world can look to and call 'beautiful'. From the rich full hair that doesn't need to be straightened and the melanin skin that hasn't been retouched. Jare is very important right now in more ways than one.

Image Credits: Instagram/jare.ijalana

Thylane Blondeau

Jare is not the first child model whose adorable and runway-ready feature took the world by storm. You might recall seeing images of this little girl, Thylane Blondeau, who is now 17, was branded as “the most beautiful girl in the world” after she was published in Vogue Paris’ supplement Vogue Enfants. She was 6-years-old at the time and she was quite the phenomenal little girl destined for magazine covers. Her beauty was legit, but, with blonde hair and blue eyes, it was easier to brand her as such, but, Jare's looks are quite the necessary cultural shift.

Image Credits: Instagram/thylaneblondeau - Getty Images/Gareth Cattermole

Into The Limelight

Several news outlets hopped on the hype train for Jare and none disputed the claim that she was indeed the most beautiful 5-year-old who deserved to be on runways and magazines. A little girl in Nigeria suddenly had a universal buzz that reverberated right back to her humble home. The family was over the moon at the response which was only getting grander and grander with each passing second that the images were available to see.

Image Credits: Instagram/jare.ijalana

The Social Media Campaign

Soon, social media's power took on, and eventually, it was in the hands of fashion brands to take action and change the little girl's life all for the better. In her wildest imagination, Jare herself and even her family, as well as photographer Mofe, never could've seen the heights that she would reach at such a young age. And in almost no time at all London was calling her name, and Jare was about to reach a new level of stardom that she truly deserved.

Image Credits: Pexels/Pixabay/For illustrative purposes

The Rising Star

Eventually, Jare was invited to walk in the London Fashion Week where she would be one of the youngest to ever strut her stuff on the runway. At only the age of 6, Jare has set herself up as the next biggest and obviously most beautiful face of fashion that the world has ever welcomed to its shores. And, in the wake of this milestone, there were more strides that were adding to her little legacy that is still on the rise.

Image Credits: Getty Images/Nicky J Sim/For illustrative purposes

The Award-Winning Angel

Jare has since won the African Child Fashion Personality Award in Ghana. She won awards under the categories of the bravest and most daring, as well as the most strategically sound and forward-looking African child with measurable achievement in the entertainment industry as a fashion icon/model. She has set the world alight with her professional grace and warming innocence. With the world watching, she saw a little more of it in London where she made the world simple fall deeper in love with her.

Image Credits: Instagram/jare.ijalana

Soaking In The Spotlight

In her time in the spotlight, Jare has grown as a face and a model but still keeping her humility that has made such a beloved little star. In limelight moments of this nature, the question always becomes about what comes next for such a young talent at the very beginning of a promising and potentially culturally resetting career where the world is head over heels for you. For Jare, her adoring mother has some ideas but ultimately has the best interests of her daughter in mind.

Image Credits: Instagram/The_j3_sisters

Jare's Journey

Mofe, the one responsible for bringing the beautiful Jare to the public eye, has admitted that little Jare has a long way to go before being a certified model. But, he did admit that it would be inevitable that she would be one. And judging from her social media, she is well on her way while still soaking in the attention and the affection the fashion world, and the world in general, is giving her. She'll be the most beautiful for a while, there's no denying that.

Image Credits: Instagram/jare.ijalana

With a long way to go and a promising life in her hands, Jare is destined to be a household and wholesome home name in the years to come. What do you think of little Jare? Outside of the sheer fact that she's the most beautiful girl in the world, how far do you think her inevitable star will rise?

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