Everyone Laughed When He Vowed To Marry Her In Preschool — 20 Years Later, He Did This To Her...

Oct 23, 2020Rita Kumar

Let's journey a little down memory lane—how far do you remember your first crush in school? To be precise, do you still woo over that high school sweetheart you first locked your eyes with? Perhaps, Matt Grodsky and Laura Sheel were the right amount of everything to call themselves "sweethearts"—but, they were in preschool at that time! And soon, an incredible bond took shape between them. They were so attached, and one day, Matt even confessed his love for Laura in front of the whole class. Everyone mocked him and laughed at him, unaware of what he would do to her after 20 years... 

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They First Met 20 Years Ago

Matt's and Laura's love story started 20 years ago. They were just three when they locked eyes at their Phoenix, Arizona preschool. When Matt saw Laura play with her friends on the playground that day, he was determined with just one thing—to be her friend! So, he started to follow her around the playground all day. However, Laura didn't like it a bit because he was a total stranger.

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She Was The Only Girl He Saw!

In an interview with Today, Matt said: "I don't remember the first time I saw her, but she was always the girl who let me follow her around." At first, little Laura assumed that Matt was a total goofball for stalking her like that. Soon, she realized how funny and soft-hearted Matt really was. Instantly, the two became friends, and it was as though they had been waiting for this moment all their life. Matt and Laura became inseparable pals and thought their life would continue to bloom this way every day. But one day...

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They Exchanged A Lot

One of his favorite ideas to attract Laura's attention was to exhibit how cool he was. For that, Matt used to recite lines from some of his favorite Disney movies like The Lion King, and so on! But Laura had other things running in her mind. Though Matt took the best shot in impressing Laura, she did it effortlessly when it was her turn. From teaching him to eat string cheese the right way to even to draw rolling hills, she taught Matt a lot of things. One day, Matt took things seriously when he did something the least expected of him. 

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The First Proposal

The two were utterly inseparable, and it was easy to see how special they felt for each other. Perhaps, everyone around thought that they were two little lovebirds—even Matt! The unexplainable feeling somehow swelled a bit too much in Matt's mind when he stood in front of the entire class and declared he would marry Laura. He said: "Just you wait!" The class echoed with laughter, and Matt's words faded as a silly joke. Little did everyone know that his prediction would cost him something huge one day.

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Realizing The Bitter Journey Ahead

Before Matt and Laura realized it all, their friendship was soon at stake. Starting kindergarten is a big leap in any kid's life. However, it was a bittersweet experience for the two. The preschool buddies weren't sure if they would be enrolled in the same class. Soon, Matt and Laura realized that their days together were soon to be put to rest.

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Fake Promises

Attending the same class seemed too far from their imagination as they were enrolled in different schools. However, it wasn't a choice plotted by their parents; instead, it was entirely dictated by their geographical boundaries. To keep their kids calm, their parents assured them that they would certainly meet every weekend and play together. Sadly, it wasn't completely true... 

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Ten Years Passed...

Before they knew it, almost ten years settled them away from each other. Meanwhile, the ex-preschool buddies were all equipped to start their high school journey again. History repeated itself when Matt and Laura enrolled in different schools. At this point, the old pals rarely thought about each other. But one day, something unexplainably strange happened.

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Laura Is Shocked When She Sees That Name Again

It was the fall of her freshman year. That day, nothing of this sort struck Laura before when she was on her friend's phone. All of a sudden, she noticed something familiar pop up before her. It was a name she heard before a decade—Matt Grodsky! A shocked Laura stood frozen when she stumbled upon her preschool bestie's name. Suddenly, some golden memories flooded her like never before. Confused and unable to think further, Laura inquired her friend how she knew Matt. That's when she heard something shocking...

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Her Friend Spills The Beans On Something That Shook Her

Laura's friend told her that she knew Matt right from middle school. For a moment, Laura felt the whole world shrink so much smaller! Soon, she revealed about their preschool romance. Talking about all her naughty little past made Laura blush. She chanted her memories, and as she spoke, she was unaware of her friend's hidden intentions. 

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A Bizarre Idea

Immediately after Laura finished narrating her preschool life with Matt, her friend came up with a crazy idea. She wanted to set the preschool buddies up! At first, Laura thought that it was insane since she didn't know much about Matt's present. It was also possible that he was seeing someone else by now. Things could've changed in these ten years. Or did they...? 

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Laura Wasn't Willing To Get Committed 

Laura's friends knew that it would work magic in her life. However, she remained hesitant and nervous. And not just that, Laura was quite skeptical if she really wanted to commit to someone at this point in her life. But that didn't seem to stop her friend from intervening. Laura's friend was unaware of what fate had woven for them. Without further thought, she shared Laura's number with Matt.

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Did He Contact Her?

Not long after Matt got his preschool pal's number, he texted her! And soon enough, the two friends started chatting and even nodded to meet up. Soon enough, they decided to go on a date, and guess what, it was a movie again—just like how they used to go during their preschool weekends. Matt and Laura were besties in preschool, so that didn't mean they would end up falling for each other during their teens. However... 

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Falling In Love All Over Again

Their first teen date went off without any hitch. Soon enough, Matt and Laura locked eyes once again, and now, they were seriously in love! Though they attended different schools, they were able to drive together. This time, it was easier to keep up the pace with their relationship. What bloomed as an inseparable bond journeyed through the same bitter fate once again. 

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Distance Barricades Their Communication

Laura and Matt used to meet each other occasionally. Moreover, video calls and waking up to each other's good mornings looped their love day through night. Unfortunately, the distance between them seemed to take off a new challenge in their relationship. And Matt sensed the trouble after not being able to meet Laura for six months. Soon, he decided to do something about it. 

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Laura Is Shocked When Matt Did This To Her 

Laura knew Matt had planned a romantic picnic for the two of them. But she knew nothing about the venue. Despite knowing that Matt always ended up with the sweetest surprises, this time, Laura couldn't understand why Matt appeared so nervous during the whole car ride. When they finally arrived at the spot, she froze and ran out of words.

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She Didn't Expect This From Him

The venue reminded Laura about her childhood. Much of her innocent smiles and naughtiness bloomed here. Yes, Matt took her on a date to their—preschool! Utterly overwhelmed by his gesture, Laura felt how lucky she was to have him in her life. Her emotions invaded her from all corners, and that's when Matt did the most unexpected thing ever. 

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Matt Gives Laura The Biggest Nightmare Of Her Life

Laura was already stormed by surprise after landing on a date at their old preschool. But she didn't expect the bigger surprise that was still waiting, only to shake her from head to toe. Matt had even sorted Laura's dad's blessing before throwing the question at her that day. He also had his brother hide in the preschool campus so he could shoot the incident on camera. Before she could understand what was going on, he went near her and did this...

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He Repeats Something After 20 Years

Without thinking further, Matt went down on one knee and asked Laura: "Will you marry me?" Shocked and clouded with love, an emotional Laura couldn't take her eyes off that gorgeous ring he held. It was as though he reprised what he told her in their preschool class 20 years ago! And of course, she said—"YES!"  

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Happily Ever After...!

Though their proposal sparked their relationship status in 2015, Matt and Laura were still in college. Moreover, he didn't want to rush things until they both graduated. A year later, the preschool lovebirds tied the knot at the Arizona Historical Society! Matt's and Laura's wedding was undoubtedly very special. The officially married childhood sweethearts immediately took off on their honeymoon to Maui and indulged in an adventurous romantic trip as an officially married couple!

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Sigh...! How we wish we had a high school love story like this! All of us would've definitely had those little crushes as kids, but carrying forward all that first love to an eternal matrimonial bond is quite rare! We're really happy that Laura and Matt united in life as husband and wife. What's your preschool story like? Maybe even your kindergarten or high school chapters! Do you still remember that naughty boy or girl who would do anything to be your friend? Please share a few bits about those golden memories with us! Let us know what's your take on Matt's and Laura's incredible love story. And please don't forget to click the "Share" button!

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