Cut Up & Show Off Your Confidence! Hair Transformations To Inspire Your Next Look!

Nov 04, 2020Rita Kumar

Short to long, brown to blonde, or any other color in your imagination, a lot can happen at the hair salon! Ladies walk in with slouched shoulders but leave with a massive smile and a bounce in their step with sheer confidence! Before you get in the chair take a look at these before and after hair transformations! Which one will you do? 

Image Credit: Instagram/jessiedaoudhair

Keep It Trim

You don’t have to be dramatic every time but this is a healthy cut getting rid of dead ends and adding some shape and bounce! Did you know, you should be going for a trim every 3-4 months! Why wait? We know how well you’ll clean up!

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

Silver Embrace

This silver fox embraced her roots and went full silver and we are obsessed! We say aging is a privilege and you don’t look truly beautiful until your comfortable in your own skin! The grey hair trend is still going strong in 2020 and we think you’ll smash it now or later! 

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

The Old Debate

We want to know, do blondes have more fun? Why not check out for yourself and leap a new blonde bombshell style. Keep in mind baby steps are great too, we love a low or high light just keep smiling and don’t damage the roots! 

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

Come Back To The Light

Throw the trend in reverse and come back to the dark side by leaving blonde to go brown. Are you feeling rebellious or just cold because darker hair is definitely a trend for those cold winter months! Keep it sunkissed in the summer and smoldering in the winter!

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

Midnight to Icy Love

Want to be even bolder than a brunette or blonde? Have you ever thought of trying blue? From icy to midnight hues it can be the big change you need for this season! As long as you feeling red hot, the rainbow is your option! 

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

A Peek of Color For Luck

You can feel like the pot of gold with these rainbow highlights! Leading to the smile on your face you have captured a genuine rainbow and it can still be tucked away or blended in! Just imagine all the different hairstyle options or the surprise when you take off your hat! 

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

Pretty In Pink

Be prepared for a long day in the chair for this transformation but the results are worth it! Such a bright and vibrant color, any shade of pink will completely change your demure appearance to a radical confident woman! Inspire others with this transformation and feel this pink flow root to tip.

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

It’s Up To You

Not every change needs to be drastic or with color. Keep in mind that just getting a fresh cut can change your entire outlook! Keep your strands smiling and your confidence boosted with a quick restyle and a simple change!

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

Short Funky Free

It’s still fun to restyle and shape short hair too! You aren't alone for our short hair sisters! Retexturizing and even just changing your products can invigorate the most mundane routines. We don’t need you to leap if you just want to float like a delicate fairy princess. 

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

Just The Tips

A splash of color at the bottom can feel like an accessory for every outfit. Dyeing just the tips means that you can be bold while still playing safe as you can easily hide the change in a bun. Try out different styles and find the one that highlights your features the best. In the hands of a professional, you going to glow. 

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

Balayage Style

Who knew our hair could radiate so much sunshine! A natural way to change your hairstyle might be the balayage technique. It can make a big impact and highlight your face for a natural-looking glow! Consider this a baby step to glamour that's easy to maintain for any schedule. 

Image Credit: Instagram/bestofbalayage

Ombre Style 

The Ombre style gets mistaken for balayage constantly. The two may look the same but they have a distinct difference. Ombre comes from the french word ‘ombre’ or shadow and is a technique. It will give a subtle difference that should be left to the professionals and not recommended to do at home. 

Image Credit: Instagram/bestofbalayage

Similar But Not The Same

The biggest difference is ombre is the style while balayage is the technique. This means you can actually combine the two and have an ombre balayage makeover similar to this model. Balayage also comes from the French language and is translated from the word ‘balayer’ or to sweep.

Image Credit: Instagram/erolvur_

Can We Talk About The Mullet

This hairstyle was predominantly a male hairstyle until recently and we love the women who are taking it back! It’s fashion, it’s low maintenance and it’s everything we love about an edgy hairstyle! With business in the front and a party happening in the back, embrace this trend with color or without. 

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

Short & Frisky

You can even do peekaboo highlights to keep the mullet style bright and fresh and mix up even a natural bed head. Waking up with low maintenance and being able to seize the day with just a smile on your face is naturally stunning! Try these blonde highlights on a short brown hairstyle and feel like a babe!

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

Long & Sultry

It’s still business in the front with this rocker vibe mullet. We’ve kept the edge but added the class of long luscious locks. With no added color this woman knows she's oozing confidence with those flirtatious curls and rebellious volume. Can you follow in her example or blaze your own trail?

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

Can You Brave The Buzz

This is a bold and big step and you don’t need to jump this high to impress us! Buzzing it all off is a powerful decision and with the hair, the best part is, it will grow back. Would you risk chopping everything and not having a ponytail for months? Embrace your confidence and go for it!

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

A Prism Of Color

We don’t even know where to look with this stunning bright hair creation. From the ripple rainbow on one side to the spunky bangs, we can’t stop wanting to run our fingers through this hair! Imagining what it would look like in cute brains or an updo has us dreaming of our own transformations!

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

Bouncy Natural Joy

Let your curls be the star of the show by highlighting their volume and coil. Cut short curls will embrace their true form and texture and you will be a sassy star as you walk down the street. The envy of all the plain straight hairstyles, natural curls have a texture so many have to pay big bucks to harness. 

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

Half The Trouble

Split down the middle but the majority rules this half green hairstyle is a creation so sweet we can’t look away! A trend that takes a big commitment is slowly gaining traction and will probably be everywhere in 2021. Look no further than your local coffee shop to see how others are interpreting dyeing only half the follicles for full fun!

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

Fringe Fantastic

Do you call it a fringe or a bang? Either way, what a difference adding more hair can change your entire look! Have you ever had bangs? They always remind us of a haircut to go back to school and hit the books in! We think this librarian will also be at the party later giving out style tips to everyone!

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

Orange or Auburn

Do you know the difference between orange, copper, or auburn? Each tone and shade combines blondes and reds to get the hue that best suits you! To get copper to tell your stylist to add blonde to a dark red and you can continue further and achieve strawberry blonde with the same equation. If you want a more auburn rich mahogany head best to start with a brunette color. 

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

Fresh Every Day

Wipe the slate completely clean and erase all your previous color and decisions with such a big transformation! Going from dark roots and orange tips to this almost white blonde ice princess is something that would heat our winter vacation in a flash! With the change of season, what are you waiting for to embrace a cozy new perspective?

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

Locks Of Love

Have you ever made a massive decision and been able to give back to your community or others in need? Started in 1997, 'Locks Of Love' accepts donations of ten inches of your hair in a braid or ponytail and have it donated to someone in need of a wig or hair replacement. Use your natural beauty to encourage others to feel beautiful day in and day out. 

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

Never To Old

Age is just a number and hair dye is just a brilliant chemical reaction. Don’t let anyone stop you from embracing your true colors any day at any age. We think we’re constantly learning from our elders and in awe of what they have already lived through! Would you match your grandmother's bold decision if she decided to do a massive dye change?

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

Let Your Hair Be As Radical As You

It really is as easy as snip and dye! Changing your hair can be the massive confidence booster you need. It automatically shows the world that a confident being is underneath the snazzy strands! We know you can embrace your true self, what are you waiting for? If you want to seize the day and show off your sparkly style start from the head down!

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

When A Disney Princess Is Real

We love it when our favorite movies come to life and Disney Princess Merida is staring straight at us with these fierce curls! Just like the movie title, be brave, and highlight the natural spring and style of tight curls that scream royalty! We think you could have a Scottish kingdom in no time!

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

The Blue Bob

The color is fierce and we are in love with this blue bob transformation. A bob hairstyle can be shaggy or sleek and even asymmetrical. You will feel the control and the big boss's energy when you choose to do this slice of style at the office!

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

Pixie Power

Truly star power starts from the roots as so many of our celebrity icons have rocked a pixie cut for ages. Jada Pinkett Smith and Joey King show us that you can embrace your beauty without your hair as a safety blanket. You have so many more beautiful attributes to highlight, don’t get stuck with long hair forever. 

Image Credit: Instagram/hairbeforeandafter

Upgrade To Wavy Lengths 

An upgrade from mere shoulder-length locks to swaying waves is a great idea! Looks like this lady has got the rhythm swaying with her chic upgrade from an everyday lob look to lengthy waves. Perhaps, lengthy locks flatter on literally everyone. There can be nothing sassier than a wavy makeover to keep things pepped up and casual all day long!

Image Credits: Instagram/amberjoyandco

Go White-Blonde! 

Leaping from blonde to white-blonde is the next ultimate reason you might end up dropping by the salon. Though her straight look is appreciative from all angles, her stylist has adorned her locks with a peppy white-blonde finish. The messy waves compliment her facial features rather than sitting atop the shoulder like her previous hairdo. 

Image Credits: Instagram/blondeluxe

Breezy Waves Captioned In The '20s

Well, looks like she's had a drastic makeover from top to toe! Surprisingly, your long hair packs so many trendsetting styles you can try without risking a strand, especially if you're not someone who loves frequent razors! Her long, breezy waves are captioned with trend stylized in the '20s. Don't you think she's got the waves and minor cuts that enhance her natural texture? 

Image Credits: Instagram/livelifebynature

Say Yes To Choppy Layers 

It's never a mistake with layers! This style works pretty much of everything to give you that sheer look you craved ever since you opted for a change. Long layers suit almost every face shape, style preference, and hair texture. For something pretty edgier, transform your straight lob into a shag territory with choppy layers just like hers!

Image Credits: Instagram/ashleyyozamphair

Show-Stealer Alert! 

Stealing the show with the "lob" look is a big nod, especially if you feel that your locks have grown a bit more than the shoulder-length. Though lengthy lobs are a show-stealer from every perspective, you can try adding a spicy element by chopping down the tresses past your collarbone and shoulder level. Perhaps, shorter lobs are easier to manage and style.

Image Credits: Instagram/jewel_jay

Pixie Is The New '90s Chop

Though '90s chop is erupting back into the '20s epoch, trying something that's packed with the utmost trend is a wise lookout, especially if you've finally decided to visit your stylist. For all long-haired women out there craving for a trendsetting hairdo, a pixie is the right amount of everything to declare leave to your long waves. The cut also highlights your facial features! 

Image Credits: Instagram/theshorthairclub

Mess It Up!

A single change can sometimes make a huge difference. Probably that's why we're nodding with a big smile to this messy bob! A little beyond the shoulder length isn't that bad. But it looks plain, especially for voluminous-haired ladies. The trick—a messy bob is a perfect pick, especially if you're looking forward to attiring a crisp style that blends your office-goer look. 

Image Credits: Instagram/katiepdxhair

Say Goodbye To Frizz And Split Ends 

Lengthy or short—you cannot simply neglect those unruly edges on your tresses. For some, even straightening will not help, especially if your locks are frizzy. Don't you think we're almost nearing winter and cannot say "yes" to frizzy hair that's only there to mess up with your style statement? Well, your stylist might suggest you chop your edges a bit and go for dark tints. 

Image Credits: Instagram/

Embrace Curls Like Never Before 

Not everyone can have curls! Surprisingly, not all of us are blessed with kinky curls like her, right?! Opting for a curly hairdo is like embracing a natural makeover that's null on the artificial side. If you've decided to curl up those frizzy tresses, then keeping the look all-black and plain will magnetize your facial features to the max. Having curls sit atop your head is like royalty—something only curly-haired maidens can understand! It's less messy, easy to manage, and coming to the style perspective, well, there's so much you can flaunt with your curls! 

Image Credits: Instagram/coupeaucarre

Purple Is The New Blonde! 

A sharp bob-pixie isn't just hybrid; it's classy and adds to the voluminous tresses. But what if there's a small trick packed from the side? Well, we're talking about a voluminous messy pixie on one side and an undercut on the other! If you're for this one, then make sure you follow this sassy trick—take pictures of the cut you've planned. Remember, it's a bold cut, so you got to be sure which style you wish to add to the bob-pixie. Don't you think her purple splashed pixie is the show-stealer here?! 

Image Credits: Instagram/livingdeadhair

The '20s Barbie Look 

From left to right, this lady looks like a Barbie doll any girl would want to play with! And if there's something that adds to her already dazzling facial features, it's her stunning leap from messy bob to an all-chopped look. Don't you think she looks like the '20s Barbie that has leaped from copper-blonde to white-blonde? If you ask us, we're in love with her previous haircut but are crazy behind her white-blonde chops!

Image Credits: Instagram/

Keep It Crisp And Silvery 

Those fox tail like long tresses has been blessed with an even shorter version of gorgeousness—thanks to what shags can offer us in all their goodness. Shaggy cuts don't have to be extremely choppy. Perhaps, you can get a softer look with longer layers. But if you wish for plenty of angling around your face, then short wavy layers might help to keep the look crisp and toned. We love the way this lady has gone from a fiery bronze length to those short silvery waves. Honestly, she looks stunning and '20s-tuned!

Image Credits: Instagram/bescene

Age Is Just A Number! 

Guess this lady has reversed time with a single haircut! Women who're proud owners of long locks might not be up for chopping them a bit. Surprisingly, many salon professionals and experts suggest the idea because it's a trendy makeover that sculpts most of the facial features. Judge for yourself—don't you think the lady on the right has just gotten ten years younger than the Rapunzel on the left?! The chopped-up shoulder-length soft shag in that dramatic all-blonde makeover is just too classic and chic.

Image Credits: Instagram/blondeluxe

Shag Up A Little For The Party 

This look is a trendsetter, especially for those women who hate losing all their volume to a new hairstyle. Look carefully—everything about this lady is perfectly similar from left to right. The only chic element she has smartly invested in is in her styling! The split ends are chopped, and the waves are shagged up to offer her that divine morning mystique look. If you still wish to bless your gorgeousness with the already long locks you have, then opting for a shag cut that only focuses on eliminating the brittles and split ends is a thumbs-up from us!

Image Credits: Instagram/classiclois_hairstylist

Stick To Greys And Say Yes To Pixie 

Don't you think age is just a number? Well, we're wondering about the same concept after gazing at this gorgeous woman. Though we cannot stop aging, we can flawlessly reverse the way we look with just a smart trick. The tactic she has used is simply bravo! Perhaps, this lady has done the right amount of goodness to herself in leaping from her shoulder-length shags to a pixie. For many aged beauties out there, sticking around their greys is a great idea to complement their age. To make things spicy, she's added more silver to her strands and that's the winning trick of it all!

Image Credits: Instagram/soubecas

Not Sky, Shoulder Is The Limit! 

For some, moving to shoulder-length shags is going to be the next chapter in their style books. For her, guess she's already done with those lovely wavy shags. But that bobbed-up look on the right isn't bad after all. Perhaps, it has highlighted her facial features and has toned her with a bold attitude that most of us crave! Did we mention that a single elemental change is all you need to bless yourself with a stunning makeover?!

Image Credits: Instagram/theshorthairclub

Expose Facial Features With A Splash Of Copper 

We're totally in this after seeing the change in her! With a haircut like this, guess this woman has jumped back to decades, leaving us wondering in the present-day world. Though there's not that much mess in her previous hairdo, the only thing—it never helped her bring out the essence of her facial features, including those sparkly eyes and evergreen blush. But with a pixie and a few drizzles of metallic copper, her brown tresses have never looked this classic!  

Image Credits: Instagram/saloncentric

Short Yet Voluminous 

Before saying yes to your stylist and his razor, you got to understand your face better. Not every style will suit certain face types. While long straight cuts suit heart-shaped faces, pixies are great on oval and angular ones. However, it isn't the same for everyone! Though those wickedly long tresses make it up for that wide smile on this lady's face, the chopped shoulder-length wavy lob has given her an excitement-stirred finish. For those who wish to have that girl-next-door look, you got what we're talking about, right?!

Image Credits: Instagram/modacapellihair

Keep It Simple & Short 

Bob makes a fail-proof style many women still swear by. Perhaps, slowly transitioning to a shorter version is a great idea, especially if you have lengthy locks like this woman. Her new wavy bob not only adds volume to her locks but also helps in sculpting her facial features that were mostly subtle in her previous style. Guess the drizzled copper tint on her hair managed to sweep the town with an envious second look.

Image Credits: Instagram/katieagahidesigns

Fusion Of The '70s and The '20s

Now she has confessed by a two-in-one makeover! Who said bangs are out of fashion when you can reprise the look with something offered by the '20s plethora of style?! For the ladies who wish to sacrifice very little to nothing from their tresses department, this style could be the next reason others envy you. Guess this lady's stylist has smartly fused the '70s bang look in the '20s shoulder-length wavy shag. The prom night look isn't just sassy; it has reprised something we've only seen our moms and grannies don during their era!

Image Credits: Instagram/modacapellihair

Now That's What You Call—Wow...! 

Don't you think that this woman has sculpted her looks with the already gorgeous, silky-smooth hair she had previously? Perhaps, we believe that she's indeed blessed with naturally straight tresses that need no extra elements to style. But her new avatar on the right has gotten us off our seats and say—Wow...! Guess the best haircuts for women in the '20s is all about structure and not style alone. This polished shoulder-length bob looks like an epitome of an all-traded look—thanks to the fusion of bangs

Image Credits: Instagram/sarahhmorse

Go Black & Bold!

Though there isn't much of a difference to put a finger on here, her makeover has given us a new feeling about curls. Only those who have these stunning spring-locks can understand what it is like to have them crown their head. Did you know—curly hair isn't that difficult to manage? We just love both sides of her transformation story! But if there's something unique and special about this woman's new avatar, it would be her nod to a darker shade to her already ebonized curls. 

Image Credits: Instagram/theglambelle

Chop It Off To Reveal Your Boldness 

We bet you haven't taken your eyes off her yet! Well, guess even we're looking at her owing to that stunning makeover she's gotten on her hair. Long locks are a win-win, but it's not for people who crave a magnetizing change. Her double-tinted pixie is the smartest way this woman has gotten into to bring out more of her facial features. Short pixies are easier to manage and complement every style—from casual to that office party look. Guess pixie is the new way of exhibiting what being "bold" is! 

Image Credits: Instagram/theshorthairclub

Never Say Never To Shaggy Bangs 

Shaggy waves plus the bangs are everything she needed to get that illuminating look she's showing off on the right. For those who feel that their hair is plain, long, and nothing much to do about, well, you might be probably wrong on that one! Perhaps, guess even the woman here wasn't aware of how stunning her transformation would be after nodding to the shaggy waves and bangs. Not only does she look like a high-schooler, but also gives us a glimpse of how bold and beautiful she is. 

Image Credits: Instagram/lovesalonpdx

Utterly Dimensional & Textured 

We know you're sighing deeply right now after seeing her long, black, shimmery tresses. Well, we did the same thing, but not until we eyed the stunning makeover she's blessed herself with. Her shimmers are the same. And so are her glossy eyes and that divine smile. But the only difference that has paved the way for sheer gorgeousness is that shattered bob that looks super dimensional and textured. The high-impact chop hasn't just changed her appeal, but has also won our hearts all over again!

Image Credits: Instagram/

Classy & Out-Of-The-Pool Look 

It's all about embracing natural texture here. Her wavy curls are dense enough to give her an instant makeover of soaking in the first showers of the rain. The result is nothing but sheer gorgeous hair without the loss of a strand! But her hair looks super straight and frizz-free before she got herself into that classy messy wave. However, if you're planning to get yourself into one, then make sure to get rid of split ends. Otherwise, your stylist is going to chop it off from your lengthy tress!

Image Credits: Instagram/hairbylisabruce_


We're in love with both her avatars! Whether it's her former brunette-adorned look or her present paled-up blonde makeover, both are truly trendsetting and appealing to the eye. For those who hate frequent chops and even low-level trims, the best idea is to maintain whatever you've got in your tresses. But a few changes like adding messy waves and even shades are enough to steal the show, just like her! Guess this woman has justified her looks with the same hairstyle but with two different shades that have already popped our eyes right away! 

Image Credits: Instagram/haircompounds

Minimal Is The New Trend

Don't you think she's gorgeous and needs a little bit of something in the tresses department? Well, that's when her stylist suggested her the right-sided look! Her minimal waves are sheathed in subtle copper, pushing her forward from her brunette days. Agreed—the final touch up of hers not only looks classic, but it's also smooth enough to highlight much of her facial features. Guess that warm sun-kissed smile wouldn't have gotten this better if it hadn't been for her trendsetting makeover!

Image Credits: Instagram/colorbycisco

Agreed—She Needn't Regret! 

When this woman was quite reluctant to chop her stunningly straight tresses, her stylist had to go a bit away from the ordinary and convince her to nod for the new makeover. In the end, she lost her long locks and even the bangs. But no regrets—she looks super stunning in her new pixie cut avatar. Perhaps, she couldn't have asked anything better than this bold and classic look. Apart from her '20s-themed makeover, we love that little bit of bronze drizzled on her strands.

Image Credits: Instagram/lexydeboni

Breezy & Pumped Up For An Evening Party

Why not take things to the next level with a shattered lob?! The look this woman is flaunting towards the right illustrates the super dimensional side between shattering and classic layers. Shattered lob cut is super layered—not just layered! If you don't want your stylist to fall in the same wrong place (not your style), then ask for lots of layered texture with light, breezy razor-cut ends. An evening party makeover like this is the best version of you to make the town crave with envy! 

Image Credits: Instagram/alissathesauce

From colors to fringe to mullets and everything in between, we love a good hair transformation! It’s so easy to build your confidence back up or bounce back from a breakup with a new hairstyle. Looking in the mirror you might not even recognize yourself after you choose one of our gorgeous inspirations. Are you due for a hair makeover? Share with your friends and head to the salon together for a day of love to your locks. Let us know in the comments what you decide to do!

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