The Most Beautiful Winners Of Miss Universe, Ranked

Nov 23, 2020Salwa

What does it take to win the Miss Universe title? The obvious answer would be good looks. But how does one measure the beauty of a person? What parameters do the judges keep in mind while selecting the winner out of so many beautiful ladies? According to their beauty, this article will rank the top 44 ladies who received the Miss Universe crown. We bet your definition of beauty will change after you finish reading. 

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#44 - Karen Dianne Baldwin

Meet the last lady on the list, Karen Dianne Baldwin. She was born in London, Ontario, and raised by parents who worked in the real estate industry. In 1982, Karen became the first woman in Canada to win the Miss Universe crown. We can't say that she's the least beautiful woman on the list, but some prettier ladies won the title as well. 

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#43 - Georgina Rizk 

The second last name on the list is a gorgeous lady belonging to Beirut, Lebanon. Georgina Rizk bagged the crown in 1971, and before that, she had won another title. In 1970, the lady won the Miss Lebanon title. Later, she competed for the Miss World crown but couldn't beat the other ladies. These days she is a part of the Miss Lebanon jury, which makes her feel proud because she competed in the same competition when she was young. 

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#42 - Irene Saez

Irene was born and raised in Venezuela, where she acquired her education. In 1981, the 20-year-old girl won the Miss Venezuela crown and the Miss Universe title. Soon after, she graduated from the Central University of Venezuela and started her career as a politician. The people of Nueva Esparta elected this beautiful lady as their governor. We must admit that Irene is a multitalented woman who knows how to aim for the stars and land on them too! 

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#41 - Mona Grudt

Here's a woman with multiple skills who managed to win the Miss Universe title in 1990. She belongs to Norway, where she lived in a village called "Hell," and after bagging the title, she called herself "the beauty queen from Hell." She also acted in an episode of Star Trek and has hosted a television show. The talented lady also worked as an editor of a Norwegian magazine. Can you pull off achieving so many things in life? 

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#40 - Wendy Fitzwilliam 

Meet the second woman to bag the Miss Universe title from Trinidad and Tobago. As a teenager, she loved dressing up and modeling, and the passion drove her to compete for Miss Universe. At the age of 26, Wendy won the title and became the fourth African woman who wore the crown. Her motivating story shows that it's possible to achieve your childhood dreams. 

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#39 – Marlene Schmidt

This gorgeous lady received the Miss Universe title in 1961. Not only this, but Marlene Schmidt also earned the title of Miss Germany in the same year. She has a master's degree in engineering and is the only german lady to receive the Miss Universe crown. That's what you call beauty with brains!

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#38 – Maria Margarita Moran – Floirendo

Have your friends or family members ever forced you to do something? The same was the case with this woman. In 1973 Maria earned the title of Miss Universe after being pushed by her close ones. After winning the Miss universe award, she proceeded to complete her business administration degree from Maryknoll College. We believe that she isn't just the mistress of beauty, but her intellect is also remarkable.

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#37- Janelle Comissiong

Janelle received her title for Miss Universe in 1977 and is known as the first-ever African American to receive the award. After gaining popularity, she heavily promoted the Black Rights movement. Her advocation of this movement tells us that she was a patron of the minorities.

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#36 – Mpule Keneilwe Kwelagobe

The beauty queen of 1999 is not only known as Miss Universe but also as a supporter against HIV/AIDS. She has also won Miss Botswana in 1997 and was one of the contestants for Miss World too but could not take the crown home. There are several other known efforts that Kwelagobe has made in the later years, one of them being her fight as a human rights activist against HIV/AIDS. 

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#35- Michelle Mclean

Michelle was the first-ever Namibian woman to win the Miss Universe in 1992. She had received Miss Namibia's title in 1991 and placed fourth at Miss World during the same year. Michelle got the Miss Universe title during her teenage years. Initially, she would lose the title but managed to succeed due to her undying love and support for children. 

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#34 – Kerry Anne Wells

Kerry Anne Wells' stunning beauty allowed her to be a part of this list. She received the title of Miss Universe in 1972. When Kerry received the title, the authorities had cut all television transmissions from the Puerto Rico studio due to a terrorist threat. Having no other choice, she had to wear the crown offscreen.  

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#33 - Lupita Jones

Meet the first-ever Mexican woman to get her hands on this prestigious title. Lupita Jones won the miss universe in 1991. After her time as Miss Universe came to an end in 1992, Lupita became a TV producer in 1994 and became the founder of the company Promocertamen. She tried to create a similar beauty contest for males, but there was not much demand for this category.

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#32 - Chelsi Smith

Chelsi has earned three major pageant awards, one being the infamous Miss Universe award. She earned her Miss Texas USA title in 1994, Miss USA in 1995, and received the Miss Universe title in the same year. Chelsi worked in many different agencies after her time as the Miss Universe. Some of them were very popular such as her advertisements for beachwear and being part of a movie. "Playas Ball."

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#31 - Riyo Mori

At a very young age of 4 years, Mori started dancing and had studied in a Ballet School in Canada. In 2007 she had the Miss Universe title passed on by the former titleholder, Zuleyka Rivera. Riyo became the second girl from japan to get her hands on the award. We think that she is a very talented person who has some jaw-dropping looks.

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#30 – Sylvia Hitchcock

Here we have another multi-title holder Sylvia Hitchcock. She had earned Miss Universe's title in 1967 and had previously acquired the Miss Alabama USA and the Miss USA title. She had dropped from her university once she had won the title of Miss USA. It was indeed a daring move by the maiden, but her actions paid off for her.

Image Credits: IMDb/Beneath the Crown - Her Little Red Productions/Lisa Mills Films/Beneath the Crown

#29 - Alicia Machado

Alicia managed to grab the Miss Universe title when she was only 20 years old. The young girl started her acting career at the age of 12, and winning this title was a massive achievement. The stunning lady belongs to Venezuela and is famous for her performing skills, including acting, hosting, and signing. This gorgeous lady is a master of all trades.  

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#28 - Apasra Hongsakula

At the age of 18, Apasra became the first woman in Thailand to win the Miss Universe title. Her victory boosted her confidence at a very young age. She later tied the knot with a guy, but unfortunately, the marriage didn't last. She didn't let the incident shatter her confidence and went back to the Miss Universe contest as a jury member. 

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#27 - Margaret Gardiner

Here's another beauty who wore the crown just when she turned 18 in the 1978 pageant. After winning the title, she got herself enrolled in a university to study Psychology. She started her career as a journalist and worked hard over the years. This beautiful lady is known for her writing skills as she wrote two books that discuss health and beauty. Who knew a Miss Universe winner could become a writer one day?

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#26 - Maritza Sayalero

The beauty queen got her crown in 1979, after winning the Miss Venezuela contest. She was the first girl from Venezuela to wear the Miss Universe crown. Unexpectedly, the stage collapsed during the 1979 pageant, and some of the contestants fell into the hole. Maritza, on the other hand, saved one of her competitors from falling. She could have let her fall, but instead, she chose to help her competitor out. That's what you call a generous soul. 

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#25 - Stefania Fernandez 

At the age of 20, Stefania managed to bag the Miss Universe title. The beauty queen was born and raised in Venezuela and was the first lady to receive her crown from a fellow countrywoman, which made her name reach the Guinness Book of World Records. In 2008, she won the Miss Venezuela title, and the very next year, she wore the Miss Universe crown with pride. Currently, she is famous as an actor and a TV host. 

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#24 - Angela Visser

The Miss Universe Angela Visser was undoubtedly a deserving queen for the title. She failed to achieve Miss world's title in 1988, but her fortune smiled upon her in 1989 when she won Miss Universe's title. After she lost her crown, Angela starred in a couple of shows, one of them being the famous Friends.

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#23 - Yvonne Ryding

Yvonne was the third swede that sat on the throne of Miss Universe in 1984. She used to play soccer and has also served as a nurse. After her reign as the Miss Universe, she commissioned work and even introduced her skincare product line named "Y. Ryding." The Energetic beauty had also taken part in the TV show Just Dance.

Image Credits: Instagram/missgrandslam

#22 - Zuleyka Rivera

The Puerto Rican queen acquired the title of Miss Universe in 2006. She also received the title of Miss Puerto Rico in 2006. After her career, Rivera has appeared on television many times on different occasions. One of those occasions was when she appeared in the Soap Opera in 2007. She also received an offer to participate in the music video of  "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi.

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#21 - Dayana Mendoza

The drop-dead gorgeous former Miss Universe of 2008 has had a chain of various events that occurred to her. One of those events is that someone kidnapped her in 2001. The incident gave her a mental shock, which she recovered from soon. She had also won the title of Miss Venezuela in 2007.

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#20 - Gabriela Isler

Like Dayana Mendoza, Gabriela Isler had also been both Miss Venezuela in 2012 and Miss Universe in 2013. One of the exciting qualities of Gabriela's beauty is that she is tall. Her height measures up to 180 centimeters, which is exceptional. She is also the seventh Miss Universe from Venezuela. Venezuela sure has a lot of beauties in stock.

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#19 - Olivia Culpo

Olivia has won 3 awards consecutively in a single year. In 2012 she won the title of Miss Rhode Island USA, Miss USA, and Miss Universe. Like previous titleholders, Olivia has also starred in various movies. One of the films has already premiered in 2020, named The Swing Of Things. She has also appeared in the famous cooking show Hell's Kitchen. Quite the popular lady if we do say so ourselves.

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#18 - Gloria Diaz

Also known as a popular Filipino actress who has starred in many different films and has appeared in various TV shows. Gloria Diaz sat on the throne of Miss Universe in 1969. At her time of competing, she was only 18 years old, making her one of the youngest titleholders.

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#17 - Christiane Martel

On Number 17, we have Christiane Martel, the second lady to get her hands on the Miss Universe title in 1953. Before being the Miss Universe, Christiane received the title of Miss Chatellerault in 1952. She started to work in the film industry after her time as the Miss Universe.

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#16 - Lara Dutta

Meet the first Indian woman on our list, Lara Dutta. She received her title of Miss Universe in 2000 and was also given the title of Miss Intercontinental in 1997. Lara primarily focuses on her film industry career and has appeared In many famous Indian movies. She is also known as one of the most elegant actresses in Bollywood.

Image Credits: Instagram/larabhupathi

#15 - Jennifer Hawkins

This list would've been incomplete without a cheerleader. Jennifer Hawkins received two titles in 2004, namely Miss Australia and Miss Universe. She performed as a cheerleader for the rugby team New Castle Knights and the basketball team Hunter Pirates.

Image Credits: Instagram/jenniferhawkins_

#14 - Shawn Weatherly

Shawn Weatherly is an American actress who is famous for her role in Baywatch. At the age of 21, the beautiful girl managed to wear the crown at the Miss Universe pageant. A few months before, she had won the Miss USA title, which was an outstanding achievement. Shawn's looks have not only helped her win beauty contests, but they also allowed her to act in many TV shows and films. We can't deny the fact that her looks are very charming.

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#13 - Iris Mittenaere 

The beauty queen, Iris Mittenaere, received the Miss Universe title in 2016. She was the second lady from France to bag this title after a gap of 63 years. The first French woman wore the crown in 1953. Iris has a very bright smile, which is one reason she promoted oral hygiene after her victory. In 2018, she started her career in the television industry and gained popularity. In 2019, the lady had gained enough followers to enter the list of France's top 5 social media influencers. 

Image Credits: Instagram/irismittenaeremf

#12 - Denise Quinones 

She got the Miss Universe title in 2001 when she was 21 years old. Denise belongs to Puerto Rico, where she has spent her entire life. After wearing the crown, she enrolled herself in an acting school and kickstarted her career as an actress. The gorgeous lady has also managed to win the Miss Photogenic title. We can't deny the fact of how photogenic this woman is. 

Image Credits: Instagram/denisequinones9

#11 - Amparo Munoz

The Spanish beauty queen won the Miss Universe contest in 1974 when she was 20 years old. She is the first woman to win this award, and to date, no other lady from Spain has worn the crown. Unfortunately, she couldn't keep the title with her for a long time. Six months after winning, Amparo returned the crown because she could not keep up with the organization's regulations. Later, she started as an actress and is known for the remarkable work she has done.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Cesar Lucas

#10 - Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen is a well-known Bollywood actress who has worked in a couple of movies. She won the 1994 Miss Universe contest when she was 20 years old. Since then, she gained a lot of popularity and managed to make her place in the film industry. In 2016, Sushmita judged the Miss Universe contest, which was a proud moment for her.

Image Credits: Instagram/sushmitasen47

#9 - Leila Lopes

The Angolan beauty Leila Lopes obtained the title of Miss Universe in 2011. In 2010 she had acquired the title of Miss Angola. Lopes has helped in raising awareness against HIV/AIDS. During the competition for Miss Angola, she had to duke it out against 20 opponents and still won the title.

Image Credits: Instagram/misspageantleilalopes

#8 - Amelia Vega

Here we have Amelia Vega as the youngest winner of Miss Universe since 1994. She was given the title of Miss Universe in 2003 while she was 18 years old. She also the first Dominican woman to win the title. Amelia has appeared in various magazines, and one of them being a famous beauty brand called "Cover Girl."

Image Credits: Instagram/ameliavega

#7 - Ximena Navarrete

Here we have Ximena Navarrete, who is the second winner of Miss Universe belonging to Mexico. She snatched the title of Miss Universe in 2010, and previously she had received the award of Nuestra Belleza Mexico in 2009. She has also had a history of filmography by appearing in shows like Late Show with David Letterman.

Image Credits: Instagram/ximenanavarrete - Miss Universe L.P., LLLP

#6 - Leigh Nel-Peters

The South African Model took the title of Miss Universe in 2017, becoming the second winner from South Africa. Her Pageantry career started in 2017, and she won the title of Miss South Africa 2017. After that, she proceeded to grab the title of Miss Universe in the same year.

Image Credits: Instagram/pageanttalkreloaders

#5 - Natalie Glebova

Hailing from Canada, Natalie Glebova took the title of Miss Universe in 2005 and previously was crowned Miss Universe Canada in the same year. She continued her career as a brand ambassador after her time as Miss Universe came to an end.

Image Credits: Instagram/natalieglebova

#4 - Catriona Gray

Catriona won the Miss World title in 2016, and two years later, she managed to wear the Miss Universe crown. She was born in Australia and completed her education in the same country. The lady won another award as an appreciation for winning the title. 

Image Credits: Instagram/catriona_gray

#3 - Oxana Fedorova

At number 3, we have a police officer who won the Miss Universe title in 2002. The beautiful lady belongs to Russia and now works as an actress, singer, and fashion designer. Oxana is known for her looks, and she is very famous in the country. No wonder she's among the top 3 beautiful Miss Universe winners. 

Image Credits: Instagram/missuniverse_2002

#2 - Pia Wurtzbach

The gorgeous lady wore the crown in the 2015 Miss World contest. She was born in Germany and later moved to the Philippines, where she attended school. Pia started her acting career when she was only four years old. She starred as a child-actor because of her pretty appearance, and to date, people love to see her on their television screens. 

Image Credits: Instagram/piawurtzbach

#1 - Dayanara Torres 

Meet the most beautiful lady who has won the Miss Universe title. Dayanara has received a lot of public attention because of her pretty face. At the age of 19, she won the Miss Universe contest and kickstarted her career as a model and an actress. Films, songs, magazine covers, you name it, and she's done it all. Her picture-perfect looks are to die for, literally! 

Image Credits: Instagram/dayanarapr

Our list of the most beautiful winners of Miss Universe comes to an end. How do you define beauty now? We bet your beauty standards have moved to a higher level after looking at these pretty faces. If you liked the article, don't forget to share it with your friends. They will indeed have a great time looking at these beautiful faces.

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